Fret Buzz and trustrod

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    Apr 27, 2007
    So My Fender Aerodyne has freet buzz across all 4 strings up to about the 5 fret. I will post a picture later tonight how it looks when you look down the neck.

    The strings do seem close to the next towards the first 5 frets from what i can see.

    Now I've read up but i want to make sure i know what i think i know is correct before making adjustments.

    To test if the trust rod is right i need to hold down the 1st fret (While i'm in the seated positions rather than place it flat on its back) and hold down the fret where the neck joins the body.

    From my understanding their should be a gap half way down the neck (around 7 fret) were the string doesn't touch the fret. But when i do this the string is in constant contact with the frets.

    I will post some pictures later for you all too see but if my knowledge correct with how the neck should be set up and is this likly to be the cause of the frett buzz?
  2. I have noticed on mine that when it rattles on the first 4 or 5 frets, the neck is too flat. If it only rattles on the frets closer to the body, the neck is likely too bowed. There are good instructional videos on youtube concerning truss rod adjustment, string height, intonation, etc. Try loosening the truss rod just a touch, one eighth turn. Fender website also hass great written instructions on proper bass setup. Keep in mind that they are only the basic guidelines, and your preferred settings may be slightly different, but it gives you a good starting point.
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    I've found this Fender guide to be very helpful in taking me from 'scared to do anything set-up related' to 'quite handy with a screwdriver, feeler gauges, ruler and allen keys'.
  4. Pilgrim

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    There is no such thing as a "trust rod".

    The Fender setup guide is a good one - hope it helps.
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    That one observation on your part suggests to me that the neck might have a slight back bow, which means it needs more relief, which means you need to loosen the truss (not trust) rod a bit, which means turning it counter-clockwise.

    Just my $.02
  6. DiabolusInMusic

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    The Fender guide above is pretty good but I really recommend Jerzy Drozd's guide to the ultimate setup, you can find it on the site. Not only does it tell you how to do a professional setup, it gives you a lot of the mechanics behind how it all works.
  7. nendo


    Apr 27, 2007
    Well i'm at home now and i've just done an experiment. I've held down the string on the 3rd fret of the e-string and gently applied pressure to the back of the neck towards the nut and the fret buzz when plucked seems to disappear.

    So if i'm sat in the sat with it on my lap as though i'm going to play then if i applied pressue so i'm bending the neck away from my body then that seems to stop it. Which way would i need to turn it for that? Clockwise or anti clockwise?

    Edit: I believe i need to up-bow it slightly. So is that clockwise or anti-clockwise? How much do i have to loosen the strings by before adjusting it? Is it alot or not very much?

    Edit 2: Thank you DiabolusInMusic. This guide is very usful
  8. nendo


    Apr 27, 2007
    Although I havn't managed to do a full set up i have to say adjusting the Truss Rod did seem to fix the problem for now. I will send it to a professional though to get it set up but all is good for the time being. Thanks for your help guys