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    why is my guitar suffering from fret buzz on the 12 fret on G string! please help!i need to know how to fix it, do i adjust teh bridge or the truss rods or what?
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    Apr 21, 2001
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    Without knowing what type of bass you have, what gauge strings you use, what kind of set-up you have on your bass, etc., it makes it pretty difficult to diagnose a fret buzz. While all of these things can contribute to fret buzz, a high fret, poorly adjusted truss rod, the depth of the nut slot, and playing style (hard vs. light) can also contribute to fret buzzing. My initial "guess" would be that you have a high frett or that you might need to interject a little relief into your truss rod set-up, but these are things that any luthier or professional music store could take care of for you. I've been playing for over a decade and I NEVER thought about maintenance when I was a kid learning how to play back in H.S. I have since learned the importance of a properly set-up bass and usually try to get my basses into my lutheir (shameless plug: at least once a year. This is always a good time to change strings and re-adjust your instrument based on the seasonal changes that affect wood from season to season.
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    This may get more responses if it were posted in "Setup"............
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    My thoughts exactly:D