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fret buzz

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by RockStar571, May 20, 2002.

  1. ok i'm a complete newbie to the would of setup iv'e never setup my bass before but now i'm afraid i have to i've got tons of fret buzz and the top 12 frets are basicly unplayable because of it...someone please help!

  2. OK, you might be as well getting a local tech to do a setup for your.

    Reason you could be getting fret buzz:-

    Bow in neck - needs truss rod adjustment;
    Action too low - adjust saddles on bridge to raise strings a little until the buzz goes away
    Break angle at nut wrong - if the strings go over the nut at too shallow an angle this can cause buzz.

    One or more of the above may be happeining at once.

    I've never personally adjusted a truss rod, I'd recommend a teh for that one if you are new to this game!! Adjusting the saddles is something you can do - find an allen key that fits the allen bolt in the saddle and adjust. You may take a few goes to get the strings all to the height you are happy with.

    For break angle ensure that when you are winding the string onto the peg, that the windings start from high up on the peg and work their way down - this helps increase the break angle over the nut.

    There may indeed be other threads that have covered this topic in some depth, you could do a searhc for fret buzz and read up on those threads too!

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