Fret Buzz!!

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  1. mattsbass

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    Aug 12, 2008
    For some odd reason I get crazy fret buzz on my SX jazz on the open A and D strings. And same strings with frets 1 - 9.

    I set my truss rod 1/4 a turn counter clockwise to raise the action a bit but I still get buzz!

    The only way for me to get none is to have the saddles set maximum high! Which is quite inconvinient..

    My hunch is a Nut problem?

    Any feedback will help!


    Also if it helps I swapped out the stock SX bridge for a Stock MIM bridge and its fitted with DR high beams.
  2. 202dy

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    Sep 26, 2006
    Low slots in the nut would not account for buzzing at the ninth fret. There are a few other things that come to mind. It could be as easy to fix as a truss rod adjustment. Or it might be the neck angle. Maybe the saddles are not level to the plate. Impossible to tell without more information.

    Measure the neck relief and the string heights at the twelfth and last fret, both on the bass and treble side of the neck. If you do not know how to do this, refer to the sticky at the top of the page. Go the Fender's Mr. Gearhead site. Information on measuring is there. Post your findings here and someone will help you.
  3. Also..

    Listen VERY closely to the nut and to the bridge.

    The biggest difference between average guitars and the $$$$$$ ones is mostly "honing and fine tuning"

    I've seen many basses have buzz at the nut and/or the bridge. Basically if the the string is not even.. many times the (use the bridge as an example) will "rattle" on the higher part of the bridge.

    I've also seen many that had burrs etc on them. Funky thing is that this caused the bridge them to have mysterious buzzes.

    Hope to help.