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Fret Buzzing

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by DumbChild, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Well im a totally new player to the bass guitar, just another 16 year old kid who dreams of playing in a band. Anyways ive bought this new bass under 2 weeks old and my amp dies:(. Ive been playing acoustically whilst i wait for enough money to replace the amp. I figrued i could practice my hand techniques on it without an amp. My problem is anyways that i play a note and as i take my finger off the string i get a rather loud buzz. I figrued as i was not using an amp and its rather hard to hear anything without it, i may have been plucking to hard. However i can pluck as hard or as little as i like and it the string will still buzz as i take my finger off. Ive been searching for the answer for days and i thought its bout time i asked someone. So basically i was wondering if this is a result of my hand techniques (maybe im not using my left hand properly or for that matter my right) or maybe the problem lays in the guitar (i doubted this because its new, but i dont know anything really:p) or maybe once i get a new amp the problem will vanish i dont know.

    Id just like some kind of idea because although stupid, i must practice on it without an amp whilst i wait:( and the buzz drives me insane:(.

    I only know of basic equipment and i was also wondering if anyone could offer me a list of equipment i may need to get started. I really dont know all that much:(

    Anyway im a stupid kid whos been playing a little over 2 weeks so dont be to hard on me if it turns out this is a simple problem. Thanks
  2. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    this is common in beginning players, i remember having to practice a lot to get rid of it. now the buzz is gone. if your frets dont buzz when playing the note (only when lifting your finger,) its your technique.

    its something to do with how high you raise your finger after lifting up. if you lift up too little, and the string doesnt clear the fret, its going to buzz. if you raise up too high, you wont be muting it enough and (when you plug it in) the open string will ring. try and practice to find the middle point. it'll come naturally after a while.

    this should be in "Technique"?
  3. thanks. i guess these things are to be expected as u start playing but i was just making sure. After i posted this i went upstairs and played an acoustic normal guitar and i noticed they buzzed aswell so i figrued it was me. Should have done that before i posted. sorry

    Ah i originally thought i should put it in technique, but then again i wasnt sure it was me. Though when its all the strings i should have come to expect that. Ill move it if possible

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