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For Sale Fret-King Blue Label Perception 4

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by kesagape, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. kesagape

    kesagape Supporting Member

    North Carolina

    Selling for $550.00 shipped to the lower 48. Selling to fund another purchase. The bass is in like new condition with new flat- wound strings.

    Body: Alder

    Neck: Maple neck with a "C" profile, 1 11/16" wide nut, Rosewood Fretboard, 10" radius, and Dot Inlays

    Neck Thickness: .78" at the 1st fret, .97" at the 12th fret

    Pickups/Hardware: Original tuners, one split-coil and one single-coil pickup (rated at 8.3k Ohms in the middle and 7.1k in the bridge), volume and tone controls

    Cosmetic Condition: The body is in great shape, with very little sign of play wear. The neck and headstock follow suit, with very little to complain about. This Fret-King rules!

    Modifications: A thumb rest has been added.

    Weight: 9lbs 4oz

    Hands On Internet Review:

    With its offset body design, two pickups and three controls it actually has more in common visually with a Jazz Bass. However, the wider neck gives it more of a P-bass feel so it touches both bases, if you'll pardon the pun. Could it be a perfect blend of two classics?

    The kinky shaped scratchplate and 'bat-wing' headstock add extra touches of originality and help to provide the Perception with a DNA all of its own. It's a well-balanced instrument that sits comfortably into the body thanks to the usual forearm chamfer and rear body scooping.

    The finish is translucent, so that the grain of the USA alder body shows through and although this particular color is called ice white, seen in contrast to the brilliant scratchplate it actually looks more like a soft lilac that's both unusual and strangely compelling.

    The satin finish to the neck is beautifully tactile and both basses have edge-mounted jack sockets, but as these are flush fitted there are no screws visible and the effect is much better for it - a simple and effective design feature.

    The advantages of any bass guitar having two pickups instead of one can never be overstated. Even with a passive circuit, the tonal range is opened right up to give this bass a voice that can be used to advantage no matter what musical style you need.

    With individual volume controls provided, getting a good blend between the pickups is as easy as can be, but having a split-coil unit and a regular single-coil does mean that the hollow tones produced when using both units are somewhat different than when both pickups are of the same configuration.

    The combination here is slightly less plummy but just as good in its own right - in fact, many players prefer this more rounded sound.

    It's the split-coil pickup that dominates the sound, however, making it a P-bass with an added second pickup rather than a standard Jazz bass sound.

    Both units have their own merits, of course and with such a strong foundation, getting a poor sound from this bass is not an option. It delivers good, strong tonal definition whether using fingers or pick - a great all-rounder!

    F1. F2. F3. F4. F5. F6.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  2. jackn1202


    Feb 14, 2018
    Austin, TX
    The pics ain't workin' over here
  3. kesagape

    kesagape Supporting Member

    Not sure why not...Sent you pm with pics

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