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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by P Cheen, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. sonojono

    sonojono Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2013
    I’m probably the only fortunate one here that lives literally 20 minutes away from Jason at FretNation and would usually pick them up at his shop (at the time when he was under a different name BassStringsOnline). Before the pandemic when I would just have him mail the strings to me if I wasn’t around town, it would take 2 days. But now with the pandemic the orders are taking about two weeks which is expected during these times.

    Patience is a virtue, as we are waiting for strings we are also waiting for a vaccine!
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  2. Fret Nation website doesn't always show what's actually in stock or what can be ordered in a timely fashion. I usually send Jason an email and tell him what I need and go from there. If it's in stock, great; if not, I wouldn't mind waiting an extra week for it to be special ordered.
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  3. Lammchop93

    Lammchop93 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2007
    Louisville, KY
    Last 2 times I ordered from them (one pre COVID, and the other during COVID), they shipped out almost a week from the day I placed my order. Then received them 3 days later or so.
  4. JohnnyBottom

    JohnnyBottom Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2002
    New Jersey
    Ghs precision flats tale 7 to 10 days, free shipping so its still best deal.
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  5. P Cheen

    P Cheen Chelsea Blue is the colour! Supporting Member

    Apr 4, 2015
    Sacramento, CA
    Gentlemen (and ladies), don’t roast me. I said I wasn’t impatient. I have a huge experience with the Post Office (whom I love very much) because I ran a soccer shop on ebay for close to 5 years and I was exclusively using the USPS.

    Also don’t lecture me about the virus or vaccines, I am a frontliner in the pharmaceutical field as well.

    I was merely asking your individual experiences.

    Thank you for all your input regardless!
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  6. Rojd

    Rojd Supporting Member

    May 29, 2018
    Rocky Mountains
    I've ordered from FN a number of times (most recently early this year) and have always gotten strings within a week.
  7. MichaelOz

    MichaelOz Commercial User

    Sep 10, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    Polaris Basses by Dr. Bass
    Hi there,

    Ordered 07 May;
    shipped 13 May;
    arrived at Los Angeles facility 22 May;
    apparently arrived, and then departed Sydney 29 May;
    been sitting in LA International Distribution Centre since 12 June.

    I'm in Melbourne, Australia.

    Clearly no issues with Fretnation - that order was processed in a thoroughly acceptable time frame. Most definitely an issue with internal (USPS) processing, local (Sydney - why was it sent back?) and (to some extent) international shipping.

    Oh well, might be an unexpected Christmas present the way things are going.

    Stay calm, safe and sane.

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  8. Yep, I’m an hour away from Buffalo and I don’t expect any faster service than someone in Edmonton would get.
  9. mdogs

    mdogs Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2010
    Constant state of flux
    Last order took a month and a half...once it shipped it took just a couple of days to get to me. The last couple of orders have been the same. I am done.
  10. gebass6

    gebass6 We're not all trying to play the same music. Supporting Member

    Fret Nation shipping time?

    From their site:
    "First Class Mail International Shipping and Priority Mail International Shipping is calculated at checkout. First Class Mail International shipping times can vary from 7 business days to as long as 45 business days in extreme instances depending on the destination and customs processing speeds by the destination country. Priority Mail shipping options are calculated at checkout and are faster with delivery times of 6-10 business days depending on customs. USPS Express Mail International is fastest and available by request only".

    Pre Covid 19.......7 days.
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  11. gravesbass

    gravesbass Supporting Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    San Jose, CA
    Endorsing Artist: DarkglassElectronics-MesaBoogie-SpectorBass-Dunlop-EMG Pickups-Hipshot
    It depends on if it's in stock or not. Jason is usually really good about freight times but during this COVID situation freight is aLl over the map especially USPS. When you place an order there should be an area that says in stock or usually ships 1-7 days (etc). He might have to special order the request. Overall I am very pleased with his service.
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  12. jchrisk1

    jchrisk1 Supporting Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Northern MI
    I waited about two months for my strings. A set of guitar strings on my order were out of stock, and D'addario was shut down due to covid19. I emailed Jason to check on the status, he offered to ship separately, but I wasn't in any hurry and waited for the full shipment. I didn't really need the bass strings, just trying out something new, but the guitar strings not being in stock put a bit of a damper on my recording.
  13. gidbass

    gidbass Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    I just ordered two tapered B string (ProSteels) and the site says special order and ships in 7-10 business days.

    Given C19, I'm not expecting that and am not going to beat up Jason over it either. They'll arrive when they arrive.
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  14. Dincrest

    Dincrest Supporting Member

    Sep 27, 2004
    New Jersey
    Mine took a week and some change, but that's only because Jason was waiting for a shipment from GHS which had the strings I wanted. He promptly emailed me and asked if I wanted two separate packages (a set of D'Addarios I wanted was ready to go) or if I was willing to wait. I was fine with waiting, since I wasn't in a big hurry and am fully aware of inevitable delays due to the pandemic.

    If FretNation doesn't have what I'm looking for, my go-to is Strings By Mail. They're great too.
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  15. MCF


    Sep 1, 2014
    They’ll arrive eventually. My last order took nine weeks. I’m in California. I give hive the benefit of the doubt in these times.
    I’ll continue to b a customer.
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  16. Spidey2112


    Aug 3, 2016
    Go Bucks!
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  17. MCF


    Sep 1, 2014
    Oh man, don’t tell me that. I sent a present of a set of strings to a friend in Sydney last week. They may end up being his Christmas present.
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  18. MichaelOz

    MichaelOz Commercial User

    Sep 10, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    Polaris Basses by Dr. Bass
    They might arrive in a couple of days - right now anything is possible.

    Stay calm, safe and sane.

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  19. lucas303

    lucas303 Supporting Member

    Mar 11, 2019
    I don't think I've ever gotten an order in less than two weeks, but all my orders have been for singles.
  20. monsterthompson

    monsterthompson The Eighth Note Wonder Of The World Supporting Member

    Nov 25, 2008
    Into the flood again
    Same old trip it was back then
    So I made a big mistake
    Try to see it once my way
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