fret noise bad?

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  1. lukas


    Dec 27, 2004
    yo! I just got a new bass and i'm really stoked about learning how to play. I have played an acoustic guitar for a long long time so I am not totally lost, but I have 2 major questions:

    -I am getting alot of noise from strings hitting the frets if I pluck a string too hard. the same buzz you would get if you were playing an acoustic 6 string and you werent holding down the string hard enough or close enough to the fret. I realize the strings seem to have more slack on the bass as apposed to the guitar, and since the noise doesnt communicate through the speakers, I am not sure if it is even a problem. is it?

    -my second question has to do with my sound system hardware. I have heard that a bass amp and a guitar amp are different, and when you play a bass on a guitar amp you are much more likely to blow it. The only amp I use is my sound system amp and I wonder if that will also be likely to blow? I plug my guitar directly into the mixer, which plugs into the amp, which plugs into the speakers. It is a 1200 watt amp and two 600 watt speakers. am I likely to blow the system with that combination, and should I plug my guitar into a bass amp instead? Any insight would be good :D :bassist: :D
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    Well, this isn't really GI type of stuff, let's go to Misc........

    Chris A. :rolleyes: :bassist:
  3. Some music fret noise is just like more distortion or overdrive.

    Think Geddy Lee now. Or heavy music. But for jazz, and softer stuf...not so much.