Fret noise when releasing string off fret, at the end of the note (Squier Vintage Modified Mustang)

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    Jan 25, 2009
    Hi Talkbass,

    I'm having an issue with with my Squier Vintage Modified Mustang.

    When I release the the string to end a fretted note, I get some clicks & buzzes from the string rattling against the fret.

    I don't have any fret noise at the beginning of the notes, just at the end when I release the string. Its a maple fretboard, & I'm using D'addario Chromes (flatwounds, and fairly worked in).

    Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  2. Am I reading correctly that the string is still vibrating enough when you've finished the note that it rattles against the fret you are lifting off from?
    I can't think of something set up wise that can explain what you are experiencing. But hey I learn new things here regularly.

    A technique thing maybe? Does this happen on other basses you play? I'm thinking that the string is being plucked again at the point of lift off. Finger sticking to the string? Releasing sideways and pulling off the string causing it to jump back into alignment? Something that doesn't happen with your other basses that is just flatwound related? What a puzzle.
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    Jan 25, 2009
    Yes, thats right.

    It doesn't happen the same way on any other basses, even other basses with flats. It's not being plucked again, it has less energy as the note decays, but before it stops moving completely I get a little buzz or click sometimes.

    I think it's a somewhat natural thing, but this is an exaggerated version thats distracting in a recording context.

    If you go to your bass, play a fretted note and lift your finger slowly, you'll probably get a version of it (try different frets/strings). This bass is just doing it to a point that it's an issue.

    Thank you!