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fretboard: maple or rosewood?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by dancehallclasher, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. which kind of fretboard do you like best, and why? i've only really had experience with rosewood, do you think maple differs in sound/playability?
  2. rpalodi


    Feb 3, 2001
    I can only speak as a beginner, but rosewood has been much easier for me to play. It has a better feel to me. Maple (or the varnish that was on it)seemed to slick or fast. I actually took the varnish off the maple and had better playability, but it still didn't feel as good as the rosewood.
  3. oh i love maple necks
    soooooo quick and wonderful
    they look cooler too
  4. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Do a search, there must be 20 threads on this.

    I like maple. Brighter. So is Ebony.
  5. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    For my money,

    > maple is like walking on a marble floor with taps on your shoes (good!)

    > rosewood is like walking in mud with galoshes on (thhhppp)
  6. Rosewood. Aside from the lardaceously fat sound compared to maple, I love the greasy feel, it's like my fingertips get buried in the wood. I really like that feeling than the maple feel of skating over the surface of the neck.
  7. PS--And rosewood is easiest to refret, according to Dave Pushic.
  8. Mike


    Sep 7, 2000
    With maple I notice a brighter, "snappier" (no other way to express it) slap tone but often do not like the feel or playability. Rosewood seems to be a little warmwer and more forgiving, but has a duller slap tone. Ebony,IMO, meets the middle ground between warmth and brightness and has a very hard feel. I can't stand graphite (sorry folks.) It feels lifeless with an artificial and nasally tone.

  9. Here's my $.02

    Rosewood seems to have a more organic, natural, midrange tone to it where as maple seems to have a more processed like, high/low sound to it.

    Maple seems to be the wood of choice for funk/slap type bass playing and it's easy to see why. I feel you can also get some incredible slap tones from a rosewood neck as well.

    Ebony is also a very responsive wood that I would compare more to maple then rosewood. I was in the market for an acoustic guitar a few years back and the ebony neck guitars sounded better then the rosewood ones in every case. I don't think that applies to the bass, though. My experience with ebony neck basses (I owned a Carvin at one point)is that it's almost too snappy and I found myself trying to eq some of that 'snap' out.

    The bottom line is that one isn't necessarily better then the other, it's all a matter of taste.
  10. yeah i tried a search, but it just gives you a billion threads wherein somebody said the word "fretboard."

    thanks for all the input... from what everybody's said, it sounds like maple would be better for bright, punchy punk. do you agree? i know it depends on my taste in the end.

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