Freted or Fretless? Four, Five, or Six strings

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  1. ive been playing bass for a while and im starting to finally get proficient at slapping. Im about to upgrade to Standard Fender Five string Jazz Bass. Is this a good guitar or should i choose something different for a good slapping sound? Also, what is the difference between fretles and fretted? One more- is having that fifth or maybe a sixth string worth the money?:confused:
  2. when i said fretless and fretted, i didnt mean the obvios difference ("one has frets and one douesnt stupid") i was thinking soundwise
  3. thanks for the thing about the search i didnt even know there was one

    but if anyone could recomend a good five or six in maybe the 500 price range thats what i need
  4. lamarjones

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    Aug 27, 2002
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    1) lower line MTD's

    2) If you are into slapping, fretless may not be your thing. Not undo-able, but not what I beleive it excels at.
  5. AcoustisBass

    You are a visionary. That is what I am getting!

  6. I would say fretless isn't really for slapping. Fretless gives you a more classic sound (depending on pickups and electronics) than a fretted. The term "mwah" comes to mind because that's the key sound you can get out of it versus on a fretted bass.
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    Jan 15, 2001
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    Fretless is universal, i.e. you can play any style. Slapping does take some more practice on a fretless, but sounds awesome, once mastered! (presonally, I haven't mastered it....yet)

    The low B is mandatory in my way of playing. Many times I miss a lower string than that...

    Your mileage will vary.