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freted vs fretless practice, and then some

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Tin Man, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. I have both fretted and fretless basses and Im not really any good ,yet. I love the fretless sound so I am working on learning to intone the fretless correctly what I am looking for is suggestions/approval/criticism... , here is how my practice kind of goes now

    I do some circle of fith major scales on my 4 string fretted, slowly working on both hand technique and timing with a metronome

    than I play the same thing on my 5 string fretless playing along to a recording I made (that inst too sweet but the tones are there) on my fretted,

    than I usually get my fretless back out and play along with some songs I like and maybe do a little jamming to some tracks ive found.

    also I have found that my right wrist tends to turn a little bit out allowing for more reach is this bad?

    sorry if this isnt very coherent I hope I am understandable enough to get some more pointers. and yes I know one of them is going to be start expanding on the scales from the major.

    ok also I am trying to work on "floating thumb" technique for my right hand, I have always anchored my thumb on the pickup and am finally getting away from that , the 5 string started that move. so on teh picking hand when going from string to string is it alwasy 12 12 12 12, or is it bad to sometimes go 121 12 12 121 each break being a new string. meaning is it bad to always pick a new string with the same finger reguardless of what you plucked the last note with.

    as for right now I play with fingers not pick but pointers that way are welcome too. more sounds available being a good thing

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