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  1. I ordered and paid for a fretfx system for my lakland 55-02. Its been over 10 days and several emails and I haent even got a confirmation back that they receive the order. Except for my paypal receipt. Does anyone know anything about this company? I know there has been a terible storm on the east coast, as I was in it myself. The website doesn't say where they are located. I hope I didn't get ripped off for a hundred bucks. I can get a hold of paypal, but id rather actually get the fretfx system, but you only get so long to file a claim. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. no one knows anything about this company? starting to feel like i got ripped off.
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    I ordered one a few years ago, came right away. I didn't like it because they suggest picking up and handling the guitar by the horn. I always grab my guitars by the neck and that can cause problems with FX pulling or sliding. My Exploiter doesn't have a grab-able horn. I snapped it in half and chucked it.

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    I've ordered their products and have nothing but good things to say about their performance and longevity. One can't pick up a bass by the neck - they're up front about that, and it makes sense IF one reads the disclaimer. IF one can't figure out out why...they should have returned it before use. The several orders I made took a good couple weeks, but good as gold in all areas. It's a little soon to "cry wolf" :crying:
  5. i am only worried because i have heard NOTHING from them not even an acknowledgement that they received the order. not a good business practice in my opinion, doesnt build consumer confidence.
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    Feb 28, 2009
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    While I admit communication leaves something to be desired...NOT to worry - you'll be pleased ;)
  7. Thank you Sling, if that is there normal practice (poor communication) i can wait, i am looking forward to receiving my system
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    Pure speculation on my part, but it may be that Roz (the owner) suffered storm damage. I've been to his shop once and it is in an area that is very prone to tidal flooding. I use his product with no complaints and can only advise patience given recent events.
  9. i received a email from Roz, all is well. i am not in a rush just wanted some sort of confirmation i didnt just send money for nothing. i will post when i receive the system.