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fretgrinder's nice 5 string fretboard charts

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by FretGrinder, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. fretgrinder (c) 2002
    Five string bass fretboard chart:


    ready to print in black & white
    on an a4 page.
    19 x 26 cm at 250 dpi


    1 - copy the file "fretgrinder-5.jpg"
    somewhere. In the example I have
    used "C:/".

    2 - from the Start menu choose
    Start --> Run. Type
    "mspaint C:/fretgrinder-5.jpg"
    and hit Ok.

    3 - this will open the file within
    MS Paint, which ships with windows.
    Choose File --> Print and specify
    the number of copies you want.

    alternatively use your favourite imaging
    program to open and print "fretgrinder-5.jpg".


    I've just made a nice looking and practical
    5-string bass fretboard chart. You can
    download a ready to print a4 version for free.

    The format is like so:

    - three on on a page vertically, each with
    room for a description or notes

    - covers frets 0-22 on a five string tuned

    - fret maker dots shown on side of fingerboard;
    orresponding notes have a darker outline. Frets
    3,5,7,9,12,15,17 are numbered.

    - notes are shown shere you actually fret them -
    just behind each fret.

    - string thickness is shown

    - the notes are written out in a light grey, so
    you can write other stuff over them or trace
    them with a pen. This means the chart is well
    suited to mapping chords, etc. You can write
    your own shorthand decription of a note
    (eg "Min3" for a minor third) and see them
    in the context of the rest of the fretboard.

    - the circles can be neatly filled in with
    highlighters to map scales, fingerings, etc.

    - all notes are represented as naturals and sharps,
    but you can, for example, change an A# to a Bb with
    a pencil.

    - Four stringers can just cross out the extra
    string for now. If a couple of people ask I'll
    make one for four-stringers. Any stranger requests
    will be taken into consideration.

    - i just made it. If there are any errors on it or
    other feedback please post here.

    - this chart may be freely distributed in the file
    "fretgrinder_5str.zip" as long as
    none of the files is altered in any way, this
    document is included, and no money
    changes hands.

    If I get some time I could make a flash chord & scale
    chart (this was drawn in Flash 5.0). That could be
    useful ... especially if i added sound clips ...

    no spam please.
    (c) David Lee 2002
  2. OK ... I fixed it ... there was a wrong note that threw things out past the 12 fret on the d string ... apologies, i was slightly intoxicated when i designed it. Enjoy!! Any feedback?
  3. Hey, this is kind a useful, when I get access to a printer I'm going to put it up on my wall for easy referance.

    One suggestion is maybe color-coding the notes. So then you could easily find an "F" anywhere on the fret board or something.
  4. This is what I'm doing with a highlighter once they're printed out - it's why I made the notes circular and "hollow". You can then go over the notes in the scale with a pen if you want.

    I would make individual files for each scale but i figured:
    a) too much work
    b) too many largish downloads
    c) better to wait until i get around to an interactive scale / mode chart / metronome in flash ...

    Hope you find it helpful!
  5. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
  6. I've made a prototype interactive version. Here's the URL:


    It's very bare bones as yet. Click to turn the notes on & off. I was going to put in predefined scales, modes etc in but i figured this was easier and more flexible (and does something a book can't). I will add "presets" later. Also on my developer's wish list (in order of likeliness) are:

    - a nicer design
    - a metronome with adjustable BPM
    - sound (sequentially play notes in the scale over one octave, so if you're inventing your own scales you can hear what they will sound like)
    - addition of a pallette to choose note colour, or ability to choose the root & automatically colour code the root, fifth, minor / major 3rd, etc.

    If it's a little hard to read, right click to zoom in. It's a 22 fret fretboard; you only really need 12.

    Feedback appreciated,

    - Fretgrinder.


    PS if anyone could let me know their results with printing out scales (right click menu) I'd appreciate it. I don't have a printer.
  7. Cool keep us updated as the project comes along.
  8. You did a great job at designing it. props to you. Im going to find this really useful.
  9. bump
  10. link is down
  11. looks uber-helpful, is this around anywhere, the link is still down...
  12. bassmanslap


    Jun 21, 2008
    Any Luck with this link??
  13. Mr Lizard

    Mr Lizard

    Jul 15, 2011
    Does anyone have a copy of this or know where I can find one?

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