SOLD Fretless 4 string, custom USA handmade bass FS, a different one

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  1. jbybj

    jbybj Supporting Member

    Jun 11, 2008
    Los Angeles
    Sold for $425. Headed to the great state of New Hampshire. Offered for sale is a Hipper model Wishbass serial #1061. I did not say Wishbass in the title of the thread because I know there are some who harbor a bias against Wishbasses. To those folks I would suggest that this bass retains none of the negative things you may associate with this brand.

    This bass has been modified and refinished in TruOil by me. 8.5 lbs.
    Body: Local North Carolina Cherrywood
    Neck: Mahogany, with Purpleheart and Maple? stringers, no truss rod. Typical Wishbass C neck profile, trimmed down by me to 1 1/8" front to back at the 1st fret position, and 1 1/4" front to back at the 12 fret position.
    Fingerboard: Ipe, Leveled and 12" radius applied by Fren Asken of Asken guitars.
    Nut: Corian, 1 3/4"
    Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites, Gold
    Bridge: Stars Guitars vintage 70's brass, 19mm string spacing.
    Pup: DiMarzio DP 123 humcanceling Jazz pickup
    Controls: Volume and EMG B/T active 2 band on stacked knob.
    FretFx LED position markers

    The Good
    A long upper horn gives this bass great balance, and the light weight makes it very comfortable. The aluminum control cavity cover has had a cherry veneer added, bringing a nice continuity to the front of the bass. The Stars Guitars brass bridge is not only highly adjustable and functional, but has a unique, cool vintage look to it. Gold hardware, brass bridge, and the Cherry wood makes this a very nice looking bass. LED markers, you either love em, or hate em. If you prefer, you don't have to turn them on. I think they are the shiznit, especially in a dark space. In hand, this bass feels, sounds, and looks amazing.

    The Bad
    Nothing, not a single bad thing to say about this bass.

    The Ugly
    When switching from a stock floating Corian bridge, to a fixed, adjustable bridge, the new bridge usually requires that it be recessed into the body, to allow for proper intonation and height adjustments. When routing the bridge recess, I intentionally made a little extra space in the rear of the bridge, as I did not want to block access for string changes, shown in picture below.
    The stock Corian bridge utilizes strings through the body. When I installed the Brass bridge, I filled the holes with wood epoxy. These patches are visible on the back of the bass. See photos. On the upper and lower horns, there were some natural voids in the wood. These have been filled with wood epoxy. See photos. As built, this bass had the upper horn strap button on the back side of the horn. I moved the strap button to the more traditional location, on the forward facing part of the horn. The old button screw hole has been filled with wood epoxy. There is an odd natural discoloration on the bottom of the body, see photos.

    The rest of it.
    Local pickup, (Los Angeles) including a Roadrunner padded gig bag, $475. I will ship anywhere in the CONUS, with gig bag, well packed and insured for an additional $50 flat rate. You can pay me with Paypal, or Cash. You can hear this bass at 4:14 in this video.
    And you can see the rest of the photos I took today, here: 1061 for sale?sort=3&page=1
    Thanks for looking, James

    file_zps5b3571ba.jpg file_zps6f39fd7a.jpg
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  2. Nice work finishing this bass. Shows what can be done with a Wish as a starting point.
  3. jbybj

    jbybj Supporting Member

    Jun 11, 2008
    Los Angeles
    On hold pending payment. Will hopefully end up with a new TB'er.

    Sold for $425.
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