Fretless and Free?... whats it like?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kamikazenasis, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. kamikazenasis


    Jun 10, 2003

    Its that time to acquire more gear, and im wondering what i should invest in.. currently im in to fretlesses.. never tried but always have had the desire to do so. Currently I have a fretted yamaha whose served its purpose quite well but i think its time for a change; something new ya know? So my question is.. how is it like? what kind of basses would you suggest/avoid? in terms of playability which is most comfortable/easier (fretted or fretless that is) to play in your opinion? I'm really interested just dont know if it would suit my vast interest in music (i play every known genre except country)
    Oh and keep in mind im a teenager on a budget..
    Thanks so much

  2. I fretlessed a Squier. The sound is pretty good, but would probably be better if I had a professional do it (and if it wasn't a Squier ;)). So far, so good. It's a completely different experience. Playability might be a bit faster, and sliding is a charm (no fret resistance). However, you really have to fret the note where the fret itself would be. If you haven't been playing long, do what I did and make sure you can see the fret lines. It helps immensely, because chances are, you'll fret a little lower than the actual note and it'll sound completely wrong.

    I say try it out. The sound is much different, might not suit your style as you said, but it doesn't suit mine much either, it's just fun to play, and chances are you'll improve, get more of a feel for the music you're playing. After all, you can't play sloppily and miss notes. The sound is more like an upright and less crunchy. Try them out.