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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Geoff St. Germaine, Feb 26, 2002.

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    Well, it looks like I'll be needing a fretless bass. Checked out a few while I was on spring break, and man, I have been missing out!!

    So now it comes down to what to get. I checked out an F Bass Alain Caron Signature 5, when I stopped by the F Bass shop in Hamilton last week...Really sweet bass....but...too expensive for my tastes. It was about $5500, so I am saying no to it.

    Here is where you guys come in, mostly I am looking to Canadian talkbassers, but comments from the American neighbours are more than welcome. I am looking for something in the $2500-$3500 range. This eliminates many south of the border brands, as the dollar is so bad right now that it blows a Pedulla Pentabuzz (I played one...nice) up to $4000. I wouldn't even want to think what a Sonus would cost (as I have never seen a CDN dealer of Zons, I would have to say about $3000 x 1.6). So, I am really interested in Canadian builders.

    That said, I kinda want to get away from Dingwall, not that I don't like them, in fact I love them, but the fanned frets don't come across to me as very forgiving on a fretless. I am thinking either Kinal of F Bass.

    For F Bass, it would be the BNF5, which would be at the upper bracket of my limit, at around $3500..

    For Kinal, it would be the DK5-B, which strikes me as being similar to the Alain Caron, with the chambered body and spruce top.

    Just wondering if anyone has played or has either of these (it is a long shot on the Kinal, I know..but mayber Xavier has played this model, or can comment in general).