fretless board protection

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Smit_Dogg, Nov 13, 2015.

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    This. Someone was me.:)
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    yes it was! Sorry Lon, that got lost in the bombardment of advice and tips you gave me!
  3. A friend of mine is making an electric upright and he was testing out CA as a coating on a blank piece of his maple fretboard. I've never seen/felt it before - I am impressed! He only polished it to 400 grit so it wasn't shiny, but it appeared to be almost completely transparent and VERY hard. I will definitely be trying that on a fretboard soon - I may take one of my old fretless basses and put it on so I can use round wounds.
  4. You are missing the fact the wear on a fretless fingerboard means actual grooves, running the length of the string. Eventually this will affect playability. Has little to nothing to do with aesthetics.
  5. Back when I was a complete moron and would d just about anything to an instrument, I took my lined fretless t 40 and coated the board with a hardware store bought spray on polyurethane, satin finish.

    I was very, very patient, spraying a light coat, smoothing it out with 0000 steel wool, repeating. I probably did 8-12 coats this way (this was about 28 years ago, so it's a bit fuzzy).

    In the end the results were pretty good I thought. The Roto RS 66 strings I used did leave some marks on the board, but it seemed to hold up well. That said, I also didn't play it much, and eventually sold it.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't do anything to that board. As long as you are playing flats or nickels on that thing, it's going to be years and years before that fingerboard is worn to the point of needing to be redressed. Even fingerboards with epoxy or other coatings will show light wear over time, but it shouldn't affect playability. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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    Thanks for the replies folks. After spending some time with the bass I've actually gone full circle on the idea of coating the fingerboard. I took the strings off and put some good wood wax polish into the baord and found the marking was only superficial. It pretty much disappeared. I don't think the bass deserves anymore tinkering. It was a bold move in the first place to have the frets removed, one which actually paid off. The bass sounds better for it.