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Fretless Fender Jazz Deluxe MIA

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by brian v2.0, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. I am toying with the notion of selling my first fretless. It's an American made deluxe jazz bass. Lined fretless neck, sunburst finish, tortoise pickguard, strings through the body or bridge, stack knob, never played out. Never played with roundwounds, always GHS brite flats. Dunlop straplocks installed.

    The bass itself is in perfect condition, however the case is worn, the plastic is cracked near one of the latches and one of the metal feet has broken off.

    Make an offer and i'll get beck to you promptly. Thanks :bassist:

    i'll have pictures up this evening.
  2. accepting trade offers as well.
  3. i took a bunch of pics, some look the same but i'll post them anyway. let me know if anyone wants any specific pics.
  4. pic 3 & 4
  5. i will email more if anyone is interested.
  6. bump, still available
  7. edrubin


    Mar 12, 2004
    you said that you would be willing to trade... i was wondering if you are at all interested in a dearmond starfire bass and some cash? also, what price range are you thinking for the bass? please email me edrubin@cox.net
  8. i'm looking only for 5 strings for trade, sorry
  9. Tajimodo


    Feb 1, 2004
    Shrewsbury, MA
    Cash Price?

  10. around $900, pm me if interested.
  11. more pics
  12. pics of the case, including crack by clasp (still works though).
  13. still available, dont let this one get away
  14. price reduced to 800 +shipping. you wont find another used bass in this good condition anywhere!
  15. anyone interested, is my asking price too high? if so, make me an offer.
  16. i need to sell this quick, all offers will be considered.

    this awesome bass could be yours.
  17. Interested. But Cincinatti = long way from Nottingham, England and shipping might be too much ££. Then we have to convert currency and, currently, can only raise £500, anyway.

    What year is the bass?



    EDIT: I entered the wrong "can only raise" figure. Originally put £600: should have been £500. Figure corrected, above.

    Possible interest still holds.


  18. i believe it's about a 1999 or 2000, i'm not 100% sure though.
  19. Thanks.

    That would be the approx year I'd be interested in. Are you not the original owner: just wondered why you didn't know exactly? That might not be a problem, but just wondered.

    Main difficulty, I think, would be carriage costs + insurance, import duties (if that sort of thing applies), currency convertion charges, etc, that would see the total price go higher than I can afford.

    Wonder if you've any thoughts on that sort of thing?

    Would you please be kind enough to post a photo of the serial number?

    This is definitely an instrument of interest.

  20. I am the original owner, i'm out of town right now though, so i can't check my receipts at the moment. I'll be back in town on sunday night so i'll put up pics of the serial number on sunday night or monday. let me know what all the extra costs would be and we'll see if we can work something.

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