Fretless fingerboard wear, what to do?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by thebug, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. I have got an 1981 Ibanez Roadstar fretless, which plays and sounds great but the fingerboard is getting pretty messed up. What to do? I have searched the forum and found some threads about refinishing the fingerboard, but what is the best stuff to use? and where can I buy it (maybe the dutch members can also help here, I've tried Feedback but they didn't have it, anywhere else?)
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    Jan 21, 2002
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    Have it sanded down smooth first (by someone that knows what they are doing), then coat it with something that hardens and protects it. My favorite is Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil. It is easy to apply, easy to find (it is made for gun stocks and can be found in any sporting goods store - I buy it at The Sports Authority - I don't know if it is available in the Netherlands), and does a great job. It (and anything that hardens the fingerboard) will change the sound, giving it more "growl", but that is an improvement as far as I'm concerned.
  3. are you using flatwounds? that may help with future wear.
  4. Sand it down.. then buy some epoxy-hars at the " gamma " or " praxis " and apply a thin layer.

    or bring it to a luthier.. new bretboard perhaps ? :)
  5. could I just use normal epoxy hars? that would be an easy sollution! But if that wouldn't work the way I want it to, do you think "De Gier gitaar bouw" can help me to get a new fretboard (without frets ofcourse)?

    btw. AllodoX, did you get that De Gier bass? It looked sweet in the pics!.....
  6. Nope.. the config i wanted was a little more expensive than i hoped it would be.. ( about 1500 € more to be exact.. )

    so the Streamer LX-6 ( or LX-5 ) in either natural-oil, honey stain or tobacco finish it is..

    for the neck.. if i was you i'd give Peter boekholt a call ( 0543-520611 ).. he does good work. he repaired my guitarist's guitar once, and we were very (!) satisfied with it.

    example :


  7. thanx for the phone number AllodoX, where does this Peter Boekholt live? don't know from which area that phone number is.
  8. Uh.. Groningen iirc
  9. well today I refinished the neck, I first was kinda scared that I would screw things up, but it worked out really well. It is still drying right now, but it looks good, a lot better than it did. Thanx again Allodox!

    (btw. nor the Karwei or the gamma or the formido had the epoxy hars so I had to buy it Automat, you know the car shop, and that Peter Boekholt guy lives in Winterswijk, not exactly groningen ;) , looks like I won't need the guy after all.....)
  10. I think I'll head over to the Sports Authority today and pick some up. I have a fretless that I haven't worn down yet, so I might oil it before anything bad happens. It could use a little more growl, too.
    Good idea?
  11. please be carefull dude...not all epoxy's are suitable for use on wood..

    there are 2-component epoxy's that reach temperatures up to 300 degrees celcius when the components mix & harden.. not exactly something you will want on your fretboard ;)

    fortunately.. this specific type of epoxy is **** expensive (!) and is primarily used by electricity companies to isolate high-voltage conduits ( e.g. 10.000 volts )..

    so the chance that you'll get that stuff is nihil.

    but always (!!! cannot say this enough ) R.T.F.M. before you smudge that **** on your $ 1500 bass !

    i've seen tons of people smudge epoxy on stuff and have their guitar / furniture / whatever get really ****ed up bigtime ! ( e.g. a guitar-neck that snapped in 2 coz it was smudged with super-contracting epoxy that made the neck bend like it was a friggin' banana, a closeth that had a 10" hole burned right in it coz the epoxy got too hot )
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