Fretless for Fretted Jazz Neck Trade.

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  1. Fretless for Fretted Jazz Neck Trade.

    I have an unlined fretless rosewood Fender Jazz Neck. Neck is in played condition, but is straight and true. Good nut work. fingerboard has your regular wear with lots of life left. Made in Japan (late 80’s maybe?). the serial number is intact if you want to date it….Comes with or without tuners depending on trade.

    I’d like to trade for a fretted Jazz neck. USA and Japan Fender only. Also might consider warmoth or similar with well done repro decal. Prefer rosewood, but others OK.

    Let me know what you have. Thanks!

    PS - I'm in Los Angeles.
  2. I have Fretted Fender Neck to trade. Send me an email and I will send photos... Does yours have tuners.. Thanks

  3. e-mail sent.
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