Fretless for me? Maybe...

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  1. Well, I've just re-proven my proof about my favorite music store being the bestest ever. Well, probably not, but they're great honest peeps. Anyway, I spent some quality time with an unlined PJ config Fretless Samick bass. It felt great, the strings straight on the wood....mmm....musically yummy. I fell in love with the sound, again.One of the guy who runs the store said I sounded pretty good, like I knew my way around the fretboard. Or, you could say, fretlessboard! I know, bad pun.

    Anyway, the store carries a lot of high end stuff that I noticed since I've been going to these forums. I knew a lot of what to look for on the basses I played, like floppy B strings. This site really rules if you wanna talk bass. I even pointed this site out to a couple of guys at the store, the one who hung around the bass sectioin and another who was thinking of taking up bass.

    I had a blast playing the fretless, but I also played a Cirrus 4 (As I said, they have a lot of high end stuff, and lots of Peaveys) and that was cool. I saw an Alembic Orion 5 there, but refrained from taking it down.

    But of course, I have a few questions. Would the P/J configuration be decent for a beginning fretless? Or should I look around a bit more an try to find a J/J configuration? I'm a bass goat remember, so I need a bit 'o' input.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    Oct 17, 2000
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    I think that you answered your own question... :)

    If you like the sound, go for it!

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    PJ good.
  4. I run both pups on my smooth J at full, tone wide open. gets some nice growl from the bridge, and a nice smoothness from the neck.