Fretless neck

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  1. bass_giant


    Jul 31, 2000
    Hong Kong

    Hi, everyone, I have a warwick fortress one fretless,
    but it's neck is just too straight....the first 3 fret's note was rotally dead...

    I've try to rotate the truss rod counter-clockwise to relax the neck, but round by round, the neck just hasn't relax anymore...

    Who can help me to solve it ? or give me any suggestion...thanx !

  2. You are using some confusing language here. "Too straight" means exactly what? What do you mean the first 3 frets are totally dead?

    If your truss rod nut rotates "round by round" you likely have a big problem with the truss rod. If you've "relaxed" the truss rod completely then that's it - There's no more left to adjust.

    It definitely sounds like you aren't very experienced with this type of setup. I would advise that, if you are serious about your playing, you will take your instrument to a professional for an assessment and setup. Don't attempt to make this work if you don't have a COMPLETE understanding of the process. You'll do more harm than good.