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  1. hey guys,

    cleaning out the parts bin. here are some necks i bought for a fretless project that i never started:


    the unlined fretless neck is from american custom guitars. the fingerboard is pau ferro, the tuners are hipshot ultralights, and it has a headstock similar to a tele. near perfect shape. i had it on a bass for one session. the neck (not the fingerboard) is finished in clear satin. $150 shipped.

    the lined fretless neck is an mia fender jazz with maple fretlines and no tuners. has it's share if scrapes and such, but the fingerboard is in great shape. $125 shipped.

    the unlined maple neck is also an mia fender with original tuners. near perfect shape, no string wear visible. $300 shipped.

    i might be interested in applying any or all as trade towards a maple necked jazz or skyline jo.


    [email protected]
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