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  1. Are there any advantages a fretless or lined fretless bass have over a fretted bass, vice-versa? Would it be harder for a beginner to start out on maybe a lined fretless or do you have to master the fretted first?
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    There is not really an advantage of a fretless over a fretted. Fretless is about the sound, the feel, and the vibe. If you like the sound of fretless and the feel of a smooth fingerboard, go for it.

    There is no need to master the fretted first.

    The learning curve on fretless is a bit steeper, but not too bad.

    After all, they don't start grade school kids out on fretted violins, right?

    I wish I had started out on fretless, 25 years ago. Can't imagine how good my intonation would be.
  3. my first bass was a v cheap unlined fretless.
    Go for it!

    Like me, you may find you want both fretted and fretless basses, and guitars!

    Fretted guitar/bass is easier for complicated chords, much like a piano or clavinet.

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    No, fretted is easier to start out on. Trust me.