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Fretless - Wood or Graphite - Trad or EUB

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Warlock, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. :bassist:Chaps and Chapettes - I need your help. If you had say £2,000 to spend on a bass...:confused:

    You want fretless
    You want that lovely Manring et al esq sound
    Graphite - Status ???
    Wood - who

    Or do I go EUB ( a proper double bass would bring about woman trobules)?

    Advice greatly appreciated.
  2. If you're looking for something with a Manring tone, go for something with a phenolic of Dymondwood fingerboard. Status would obviously be a good choice in that department.
  3. Thanks - good tip and appreciated.
  4. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    IF you had 2000 pounds, a new Zon is within reach. That's what Manring uses, and the Zon fretless tone is unmatched in its price range, imho.
  5. Brado


    Oct 19, 2005
    Buda, TX.
    Status basses are great. If you really want to get close to the Manring sound, go with ZON. I, too, own a ZON fretless. It's a Legacy Ellite Fretless Special. Sustain that's off the charts.....orchestral tonal range. I've heard the argument that graphite necks deliver a "synthetic" or "stale" tone....I strongly disagree. Any instrument that I've played with a graphite neck (Modoulus, ZON, Status, BEE) sounded GREAT! Great low end response, lots of "warmth" in the mids, excelent top end articulation. The stability advantage takes the cake for me. My ZON doesn't move much at all......& if it ever does, it's never to the point to where I have to tweek anything. It's so subtle that I hardly notice. I play a few other BEE basses that have wooden necks & they're far more sensitive to temperature/ humidity changes....I use extremely low action; so I have to keep an eye on them. Both, to me, sound great. I like wooden neck basses as well as graphite neck basses. If you're not big on doing your own set up's, though....go with graphite. It's far more worry-free than wood (in my experience). I have a 5 string BEE on the way that'll have a graphite neck. I'll put it through the paces & type up a review on it here.
  6. Great - on the Zon front, I'd like to spend my money over here (UK), however, the dollar is looking good value. Even with that Zon's do look expensive. Country loyalty aside, how do Zon compare with Status?
  7. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx Banned

    Jul 11, 2005
    Marathon Man
    Zon are a bit different to Status. However, I'm sure Rob is offering treated wood these days like Zon do. If you're looking for a good fretless bass in England, Status would be my first choice. I even have a Status Stealth 6 string, and it's a marvellous instrument.
  8. Ah...the Stealth, interesting. I really like the look and reports of those and the Hellborg. Is the tone range as wide as reported on the Stealth?
  9. Spencer!


    Jun 25, 2006
    Owner, Pike Amplification & 3Leaf Audio
    I've owned Modulus and Zon fretless basses; both great instruments. Their tone certainly different than wood-necked basses. Not in a better-or-worse kind of way, but there are instances where they would sound great and instances where they wouldn't.

    Ironically, my Modulus sounded MUCH closer to Manring's tone than the Zon.
  10. Well, I have owned and tried both fretless...

    Being a double bass player, I truely think the fretless sounds best with wood... but that's my opinion. Currently my fretless of choice is the F Bass Alain Caron 6

    I am a Status fan of the early days (back in the 80s for me).
    My heart goes to the Status fretless. I think Rob has really a knack for building the right electronics to go with the wood.
    I found Status' electronic to be a far better match for the bass than Zon's.

    I have tried the 519 fretless and wasn't really impressed with the sound. I had owned a Zon Studio 5 and loved the string spacing + tone (note that the 519 was Ash while the Studio 5 was mahogany... mahogany can't be beaten IMHO)
    The only Zon I would go for is a fretless neck on a Studio 5.

    I don't think Rob (Status) has the option for a 19mm spacing... does he?

    Just my 2 cents.
  11. Double Bass has only brought neighbor problems... bowing is loud.

    I don't know EUB but the left hand technique seems very close to DB.
    Be aware that this requires a lot of work. After 5 years of lessons and rather intense practice, I am getting comfortable with the thing. Maybe it's me, but it really took a good year/year and a half for feeling at ease enough to play in a band.

    On the other hand switching to BG (Bass Guitar) fretless didn't have such a steep learning curve. A good 2 weeks only using the fretless and it was good.

    Again that's my experience... and... go Status!!!:D
  12. Now you are getting technical :) 19mm - I just play the things....pray tell me more...
  13. The string spacing... 19mm... I don't think Rob at Status makes 5 and 6 string basses with 19mm spacing between the strings...
    Zon does, fretless or not (519 and Studio vs. the rest).

    I am sure if you pay for it, Rob will build it for you...
    But maybe you're looking for 4 strings... :D
  14. Most 4 strings are 19mm or 3/4". Some companies sell their 5-6 string basses with more narrow spacing. Some don't mind, some do. Wider spacing makes slapping easier and reduces the margin for error in dealing with slapping the wrong string. Perhaps if you only want a 4 string, this isn't even an issue in the first place. The only problem with wider spacing is that the neck needs to be designed to be more comfortable.

    Anyway, I have a Conklin with a Dymondwood fingerboard. I ordered it for maximum durability. I also had Bartolinis installed. It doesn't sound 100% like Manring's Hyperbass, but there's a strong hint of it in the overall tone. I didn't plan on this result, but it was a pleasant surprise.
  15. Thanks again all. Got you and I have a Yamaha 6-string with wide spacing and I like the gaps (I must measure it). Yup, it is a 6-string I want if it's a trad bass (which looks likely).

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