fretted string vs. fretless strings (gauges)

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  1. here is a question that revloves around a problem i have been beating to death. on my pedulla fretless i use d'dario 115-55 and i love the sound, when i put this gauge string on my string ray i get so much fret noise the tone is unrecordable with out dropping all the highs to remove fret noise. i had the bass set up with these strings, i have tried to ajust it myself to remove the noise but its still there. i pluck the strings pretty hard, my question is should i use a lighter string on the fretted or try to have it set up by someone else. and of course thanks for any input, also i don't know if this helps but playing up the neck say in a scale i don't get as much fret noise,(i.e. C,D,E) its mostly going backwards (i.e. E,D,C)
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Caveat: I'm makin' some semi-educated guesses here gruffpuppy.

    That D'Addario set seems a little on the heavy side.
    Nothing wrong with that! I likes `em heavy too :D .
    From what you said about the buzz bein' less in the higher
    registers, maybe it needs a truss rod tweak?
    A quick and dirty fix: How about super-glue in the nut slots?
    I'm thinkin' the solution is gettin' them big-a$$ strings
    a little higher in the slots. You can get a small, nut-
    type file or X-acto blade and shave it down CAREFULLY after
    it hardens.

    YEESH! Maybe the best thing to do would be to take it
    to a different repair-dude. I don't think I'd have the cajonies
    to try that super-glue thing on a StingRay. My cheap-a$$
    Yamaha, yes. A StingRay, no.

    I don't mean to sound like a Moderator-Wannabe, but I think
    there are a lot of posts RE string buzz over in the "Setup" forum.

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