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  1. Hi, i've been working on a project in which i'm turning my squier bronco bass into a fretless. and i'm putting little pieces of walnut in the fretslots instead of woodfiller, and my question is this. Would Elmer's glue hurt the fretboard or neck if i used that to glue the strips in?
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    I would recommend using Titebond wood glue. Also make sure the filler strips are the right fit. If they are too loose or too tight they will effect the straightness of the neck. If they are too tight and you are having to force them into the slots you will promote a backbow in the neck, and too loose of fillers will produce the opposite.

    You will want to relevel the neck after they are glued in and had a few days to settle and dry fully.
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    Titebond s the industry standard. Elmers is made by the same company I think but is more prone to absorbing water from your hands and making a gooey mess. I recommend wood filler putty, and then coat lightly with some kind of epoxy coating.

    That is the fast and dirty method anyway. Has worked well for me using roundwounds on fruitless. Do it anyway you choose, you will be stoked. Don't forget to file down the nut for better action
  4. Uhhh, you put glue on your hands instead of on your projects??
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    Jun 15, 2014
    Landenberg, Pennsylvania
    one day....
    Er.....while playing it I meant.but sometimes....
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