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Friend and first musical partner died :(

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by natrab, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. natrab


    Dec 9, 2003
    Bay Area, CA
    I feel really bad because I just heard about this and I already missed the funeral (I am not in touch with many people from my old school). A friend from highschool and the first musician I had ever played with died last Sunday the 20th in a motorcycle wreck. I hadn't seen him in about a year, but I still remember him just like in highschool. It seems he was still playing music in a band that was doing pretty well (http://www.avingtonmusic.com/).

    I still remember that first day when we locked in playing "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters. Chris on drums and me playing guitar and singing. It was such an incredible rush and we were both ecstatic. I played with him all through highschool in our band program. He was a great musician and a great friend. He always had a passion for the extreme though. When the movie Jackass came out there he was mimicking the stunts (and pretty well I must add). He had such a persona that it's incredibly hard to realize he's gone. I keep remembering how he always had energy and always pumped me up when it was time to play music.

    RIP Chris Cravens.

    Here's the Article
  2. wow, really sorry to hear about this. that sucks, he was young too. :(

    keep your head high and if you need anyone to talk about stuff with im always here, and so is the rest of TB!
    take care, and rock on.. :)
  3. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    My condolences go to you and his family.
  4. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    I cant imagine what thats like. My condolences.