From a 410 to a 212

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  1. I replaced an Eden D-410 XST cabinet with a Gallien-Krueger NEO 212. This is the first time using 12" drivers for bass... impressive! Comparing the two cabinets, the GK has more punch with clarity vs. the warmth with clarity of the Eden.

    The primary reason for replacing the Eden was the weight, 95 lbs. The GK is 60 lbs. and my back is certainly happier for it!
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  2. Did you get the NEO212 or NEO212 II? My 212 II is only 50 lbs. They get deeper as they break in but stay clear and punchy. It is always fun when someone moves that cab after hearing it. Took three times before the guys in the band stopped double teaming it!
  3. It is the older NEO 212, not the II series. I bought it used.
  4. Great cab. :) BTW step out in the audience while playing, you'll want to stay there all night. The audience gets the best seats with these cabs :D.
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    I have two of the GK 212MBE cabs - 34lbs each! They have the same 12" drivers as the "Neo" line but a Piezo tweeter instead of the "good" one in the Neo cabs. I don't use the tweeters anyways so no prob :) .
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    Jan 17, 2006
    I replaced my Aguilar GS410 for a Bergantino CN212.
    Since it's so light , I put it up on a amp stand and I can finally hear the bass.
    I couple it with an Aguilar Tonehammer 500 and a Gruvgear Solo V cart.
    I now get in and out of my gigs in 10 minutes.
  7. Some of the best live tone I've heard was through a 2x12 cab. They do tend to have a bit more punch and brighter than a 410, on average. There is a LOT to be said of a lighter cab when gigging!
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    I don't care for 410s at all. Many of them are sealed and do not have that hi-fi sound I want from my stuff. Plus they're big, heavy, expensive and too much of what they deliver is ankle height. I have a GK Neo 212-II and I like it quite a bit. I sometimes stack a 210 cab on top of it when needed, but usually I run it on a small and slightly angled amp stand. My only nit-pick is that I'd rather have seen the drivers be fully vertical in the baffle.
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    I love the sound of the 410 but I switched over to a TC212 Composite and I am not looking back. At under 40 pounds and a 16" square footprint this cab is all I will ever need. Great tones, ease of hearing myself and very easy mobility.
  10. Can someone tell me the dimensions of the casters that fit the GK NEO 212? I need a set of them.
  11. The Eden D-410XST has the hi-fi tone. It is voiced differently than the D-410XLT. With that said, I am really enjoying the GK Neo 212. I'm looking forward to cranking it up with the band on Friday night.
  12. I believe Chef found a set on Ebay if you don't want to spend the cash on the G-K set. I have never needed them.
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    One 212 vertical, or a pair of 212s stacked so you have four drivers in a row. Side by side alignment is rife with comb filtering, beaming, etc., but it is so entrenched in bassdom, it will never go away until our backs are all broken. For me, small, light, and vertically aligned is the way to go!
  14. scottfeldstein

    scottfeldstein Roots and fifths and a little extra.

    Jun 20, 2011
    San Marcos, California
    I need a set as well. Either the dimensions or a product link
  15. Surprisingly enough, the staggered arrangement G-K uses works pretty darn well.
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    Oct 13, 2010
    Berg has or had a staggered as well. But it adds weight and size. Plenty of heavy big cabs out there already. The trend today is using technology to make them smaller and lighter w/o sacrificing too much of what people like or are accustomed to hearing.
  17. An update about the G-K cab. I exchanged the NEO 212 for a NEO 212 II. It has wheels, too. I'm all set and loving the sound!
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  18. I played with the band tonight at a jam session and was really impressed with the G-K Neo 212 II. This cabinet punches through the mix without a lot of volume. The amp (Hartke HA-5500) ran cool and the sound was strong. I was playing a 5-string and the low B was no problem for this cabinet. I didn't miss my 4-10 at all.