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From Autumn To Ashes - The Fiction We Live

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by jrthebassguy, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. I've listened to the cd before, but I just now finally got the album for Christmas so I've listened to it more often.

    Wow! This is an amazing cd. Not near as hardcore as the first, but still great. Great musicianship and they're also amazing live too. I recommend it.

    My current favorite on the cd is "Lilacs and Lolita"
  2. Agreed. I like the first a little more, but TFWL is also excellent. I got Too Bad Your Beatiful for Christmas but I still dont have the other.

    If you're into the hardcore/emo thing, check out Hopesfall, you will not be dissapointed.
  3. definitely, hopesfall rule. also, check out saetia. hardcore at its finest. really; in my opinion, no one comes close to saetia. especially "some natures catch no plagues" and "corporeal."
  4. To be honest, of what ive heard from hopesfall, I kinda was dissappointed. :p I'm sure I haven't heard the right songs yet...recomendations?

    Man, FATA has really changed though. I mean, comparing "the royal crown vs. blue duchess" from Too Bad You're Beutiful to "No Trivia" from the new album is like polar opposites.

    I wonder what the vocalist is gonna do live now that the drummer seems to do majority of the vocals now?
  5. i like "the broken heart of a traitor" and "the far pavilions."
  6. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    the fiction we live is cool, im getting right into hardcore latley, and the band 'as i lay dying' have/has really caught my eye. i love their song '94 hours'.

    but not to hi-jack your thread JR, FOTA are awsome. my favourite track by them (not sure which album) is 'capeside rock' and 'reflections'
  7. I've heard several songs from TFWL and I was dissapointed...the backup singer sings alot more now...and they're more emo then screamo:meh:

    Hopesfall is bad ass though.

    Waitress,ahh...CHUG CHUGA CHUGA CHUGA :)
  8. I like all of Hopesfalls songs but check out Dead in Magazines, A Man Exits, and Open Hands to the Wind. All the other bands mentioned here are also good, check out Skycamefalling.
  9. End of an Era too...

    Sorry for hijacking the post :(
  10. FATA's old cd i liked a lot more, i dont really like the drummers voice that much. As I Lay dying is sweet (to whoever said that) they are coming to evansville (where I live) and playing in a SMALL SMALL club, its crazy, i dont know why they are coming here! and comeback kid is playing! im so excited. I got the everytime i die cd, wow. that is good stuff there. also, anyone like atreyu? awesome guitar work on deanne the arsonist.
    i suggest you guys check out-
    symphony in peril
    sinai beach
    (all have come to evansville) they are both pretty big, and popular, and GOOD
    how about poison the wells cd?

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