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  1. Hello!

    A little about me; I'm a Bass player from Bangalore, India, and I've been playing the bass for close to 10 years now. I'm self taught for most part, and have picked up quite a bit through lessons from colleagues and friends in the gigging biz... Just for the sake of authenticity (which I know you guys highly price), I'm attaching a few of the videos and my band page. (please ignore the latest news, we haven't updated in a while):

    Mad Orange Fireworks

    For starters, I've just managed to create my profile on here after two years of trying!.. Stoked that i'm finally part of the talkbass family. I've been following forums and people on here for ages! OVNILAB, bongomania, JimmyM; you guys don't know what a massive influence you've had on my tone and playing, and the way its evolved. Thank you!!

    Part of the reason i'm writing this long introduction is because of the gigging scene here in India. For most part, it's Film music that rules the roost in most parts of India (Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood, and the list goes on); but the Independent music here (Regional, folk and western) have gotten the short end of the stick for ages. This leaves a lot of the grassroots musicians with a conundrum - do we go for the more tried and tested route of joining the Film bandwagon, or do we strike out on our own, trying to make a name for ourselves? I've been on both sides of the spectrum, and I've seen a problem that plagues us regardless.

    The absence of good information and knowledge, both in terms of the music and the gear, is appalling. I can count the number of good instrumental music teachers /schools on my fingers here, and the same goes for the technical information with regards to sound, instruments, amplification, and venues. You might not believe me, but even in Bangalore (I could probably describe it as the musical equivalent of an Austin city of India, if the whole of india was Texas), the availability of good information and equipment as very low. We have maybe two large music stores in the city, scaled up to six large ones in the entire country. Compare that to the number of musicians here, and its a wonder we're not all playing aggressive death metal. (thought there are quite a few bands doing that here as well).

    When you scale that equation down to me, as a bass player; it just becomes laughable. Bass players have long been known as the less loved part of the musical family, and for me to even try to get a good amp here is usually met with blank stares and misinformation. And the occasional line6 bass amp. (i've actually had people give me the "if you try it you buy it" spiel.) I'll upload pics of my rig, and you'll see that it's largely B-stock guitar pedals and such. Even good cables are hard to come by. Even at gigs, i've almost always gone DI on a crappy PA (except for the really huge stadium gigs which are usually headlined by foreign artists; I opened for Slash when he came down - best rig i've ever played through.)

    Talk bass has been an invaluable resource to me, as I'm sure it has been to a lot of other upcoming and older bass players here. We devour your reviews and talks on gear, playing, sound and setup because we have no real world experience or ability to try out anything before we buy it. Thank you guys so much, and keep on keepin on. (pardon the cliche)

    Im sure I've taken enough of your time, so to finish up, just a few thoughts and questions :

    1. Until our silly import rules let up, we'll have a real problem getting stuff into the country. There are people willing to pay for good gear; so maybe we can figure something out to make the transactions viable?

    2. I'll start posting a lot more on the forums soon, but since I'm attaching pictures of my personal gear on this conversation, I'd just like to add that i'm looking to buy a new head / cab combo.. Any comments would be welcome. Please keep in mind that i'll be ordering online, without trial. And add another 200$ to whichever item i've to buy. (my empress compressor almost evicted me. just saying)

    Again, Thank you guys so much, glad to have been able to put this out there. I'm looking forward to a reply. (of any sort)

    I play though an Ibanez ATK300 (main gig bass) or a Hohner "the Jack" passive (backup bass) into

    Mooer baby tuner > Octave multiplexer (which I use as a split) > effect out to Digitech Bad monkey / dry out to VSOH (Visual sound Son of Hyde Distortion) > Mixed back with Samson S-mix > Darkglass B3K (always on as boost) > Empress Compressor


    Amp Modelling
    Focusrite Itrack dock (using Bias FX for modelling) , controlled with a Irig Blueboard for different Amp / EQ presets


    Radial Stagebug DI out to Monitor on stage and FOH


    img_4677-jpg.jpg img_4678-jpg.jpg


    img_4679-jpg.jpg img_4680-jpg.jpg
  2. Welcome aboard . Your thread is probably going to get moved to a topical forum, you could suggest which one before that happens.
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    Welcome to TB!

    Tell us more about the Slash gig, sounds great...
  4. Hey! Thanks guys, Glad to be onboard!; @Downunderwonder , I don't know what a topical forum is - if you could point me in the right direction, I'll do the rest. @knumbskull, Slash played at Mumbai with Miles Kennedy; maybe 4 - 5 months back. I was subbing for a bangalore band's (Thermal and a Quarter) bass player, seeing as he had a gig opening for John Mclaugling the same night in Bangalore. (talk about bad luck)

    It was great! we didn't get to meet Slash or anyone from the band - the security around them was intense. But I got to play through an amp SVT Stack ( Svt 7 pro with 2 810 E cabs, and I swear, it was the first time I felt the actual air behind me vibrate. Intense stuff. And the crowd was massive as well; never played to a crowd that large.
  5. On topic of bass. Amps & cabs
    Band managementhat
    Live sound

    This is off topic forum, not general yahoo forum, even though that could be a better description sometimes.
  6. Ok , I'm ok with moving it to live sound, I guess. Thanks for the input
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    Just started watching the "Shaking My Ground" video....pretty impressive! :thumbsup:

    Going to watch the other two as well..
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  8. Aaaaand, the report button is broken, probably explains why still in OT.
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    Greetings from the Peach State in the USA!
    I remember how excited I was when I first stumbled across this place.
    I don't gig anymore, so I don't spend a lot of time talking gear, but TB is a broad, diverse community filled with genuinely interesting people and ideas.
    I love it, and I'm really glad you've found your way here.
    I hope you find it interesting and rewarding. :thumbsup:
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    Very nice videos, music and especially bass playing, Kaushik. The third video is blocked, but the other two are great. Welcome to TB.
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    Welcome to TB, Kaushik! Glad to hear you've already been using TB as a resource, I've learned so much here myself.

    I just watched the first two videos (third one's blocked for me as well)--really nice playing, and you are clearly versatile. With the same bass, too--that's heresy on TB, you must buy a new bass for each genre.;)

    Enjoy the forums, hope to see you around.
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  12. Thanks, guys; glad you enjoyed the songs.. As for playing different basses for different genres, I'm still in the process of figuring out how to change the electronics and pickups on the hohner, and use that exclusively for a more rock sound.. But as I've explained earlier, I can't try out any new instruments, since there just aren't any!

    And because of import taxes, shipping, any purchase online gets bumped up to almost double the original cost.. That means nearly 2000$ for an American p bass. If I'm lucky enough to find one!
  13. Also, great to finally be on here! I'll be posting on the appropriate threads for advice on amps, live sound and pedals; maybe do a review or two with what I have in my rig..
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    Disheartening to hear of the challenges you face. Stick with it.
    The music vids are really good, thanks for sharing.
    There are many helpful people here (I'd like to include myself in that group )
    Reach out!
    There are a few other India nationals that are talk bass members and likely face some if the same challenges, perhaps a sharing of things might be mutually beneficial. One I know of is @thehangingmist .
  15. Thanks! And I think I know @thehangingmist; were actually connected on Facebook! The bass community in india is clearly well connected, then. Awesome!
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    I like your videos, some nice playing there. I also watched your Break My Fall (Jam at Mikey's) video on YouTube as well. I like your band.
  17. Hey, Thank you so much, blue4! we're coming out with a new album soon; and doing tribute shows on the side to pay for studio time now... hopefully it all works out!
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    @kaushik23kumar I'm from Calcutta, and am 14. I'm dead serious of a musical career, but bands really don't get much recognition here, and bass is virtually non-existent as an instrument in Bollywood. People make songs about bass but I find no signs of a bassline. :D
    I, however, DJ too, and EDM has a huge potential here. That's probably the only international genre of now that can gain popularity here, partly because a lot of the composition is lyric-free, and those which do, are fairly understandable. EDM has to make as much effort as it can to kill the dominance of playback singers. (I'm saying this as a singer.)
    Glad to see an Indian musician here, I thought I was the only one :)
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    India has some of the most creative talent on the planet groups like the Raghu Dixit Project, Thermal and a Quarter, the Tetseo Sisters and Soul are some of the best bands out there check them out on YouTube. I never understood why it's easier to get weapons into a country than it is to get musical instruments? I loved the song and the video is one of the best I've seen in some time who was the director? also welcome to Talk Bass.
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