From the ashes of my parts bin....

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    I had one of these J Bass bodies that I got second hand but have seen for sale on eBay, and I had a fretless AllParts neck that was looking for a good home, a set pf nameless J pickups, some MIM-style tuners, a decent chrome bridge... A lot of stuff that I wasn't sure where it was going to end up. So instead of parting it out I decided to build it out.

    This is very much a quick build. I had finished the body and the headstock with tru-oil about 2 months ago and they had been hanging in my basement since then. I just started pawing through my parts bin and finding stuff that I thought was a good match. I wired it vol-vol, and used a Neutrik locker on the output. A typical set of P-bass knobs fit those CTS solid-shaft pots just fine.

    I've since replaced the bridge with an AllParts-Gotoh unit and I've done a few tweaks at the nut, bridge, and a slight shim job. I also shaped a coverplate for the rear-rout out of a bigger control cover and it looks/works fine and gives it a more finished look.

    The result plays well, sounds good, and looks presentable. I haven't refinished the output jack area that I had to sand flat with my orbital to make the Neutrik locker sit correctly. It is slated to go out as a loner to a good friend so it might just stay that way for now.

    Just thought that I'd share,
  2. You've got a bigger parts bin than I've got! :bawl:

    Pretty bass.
  3. Phil Mastro

    Phil Mastro

    Nov 18, 2004
    Looks really good for a "scrap" bass. :cool:
  4. I went through a little fit of buying parts with no real plan, so I had this menagerie of necks, bodies, tuners, bridges... Everything from a mostly complete P-Elite II body (this allparts neck was on the Elite II when I got it), to a shoreline gold Warmoth P body, a NIB set of Gotoh cloverleaf tuners...

    I sold off almost everything either assebled or in parts, then made a few other moves because I was not going to build anything as nice as the Zon Sonus 5 fretless that I had my eye on.

    I still had this body and neck left over, and I keep a variety of hardware on hand because I do a lot of experimenting, amateur lutherie, repairs, setups... for myself, friends, bandmates, etc...

    Some of it is real franken-lutherie like the neck through piccolo thing that I'll post pics of when I finish it up. Some is just fun bolt-on projects like this or my mahagony humbucker tele-clone.


    I have enjoyed the post here in this forum a lot and thought that I would share in what comes out of my basement shop.
  5. teej


    Aug 19, 2004
    Sheffield, AL 35660
    I've got something like this going. I ended up using the body and neck I had for sale. Earlier today, I bought a loaded control plate from a '75 J-bass reissue, so it's on the way. After a Mighty Mite bridge and hopefully a set of American Jazz pickups, I'll be set. Now if only I can make up my mind about the finish. :smug: