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From vintage to modern...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Boombass76, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Boombass76

    Boombass76 Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    BassCollect Blog & Shop (founder)
    Hey all, I have had quite a few basses over the years, and I was wondering which one's were more vintage or modern, so I decided to do a list.

    Please note that this is not meant to turn into some kind of 'vintage VS modern - which is better' topic :)

    However, there are many basses I haven't tried, so please feel free to post your take on a list including brands like Roscoe, Alembic, Lull, Modulus, etc. And to comment on my list, of course. I guess it's a very subjective topic - what I find vintage sounding/feeling, may be a whole different story to the next bassist :)

    OK, here goes - from vintage to modern, IMO:

    - Fender
    - Musicman (SR/Sabre)
    - Celinder (Update/Vintage series)
    - Atelier Z
    - Alleva Coppolo
    - Lakland
    - Sandberg
    - Sadowsky (not 'Modern 24')
    - Traben
    - Celinder (Custom)
    - Mørch
    - Yamaha (TRB)
    - MTD
    - Ken Smith

    I also have Rob Allen Mouse, but that is hard to compare in this context. It's a modern sound, of course, but completely different from other modern basses, such as MTD and Ken Smith.

    ...so how about: G&L, Sadowsky (modern 24), Musican (Bongo), Roscoe, Zon, Fodera, Lull, Dingwall, Benavente, Nordstrand/Nordy, Elrick, Steinberger, Conklin, Alembic, Modulus, Warwick, etc., etc...? How vintage/moders are they IYO?
  2. Aspidites


    Oct 20, 2009
    Berkeley CA
    I honestly think that is overly simplistic because within many of those brands are basses that can cover quite a bit of the spectrum from vintage to modern so it is virtually impossible to pigeonhole them to one flavor.
  3. Boombass76

    Boombass76 Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    BassCollect Blog & Shop (founder)
    Yeah, I partly agree, but that was why I separeted e.g. 'Celinder Update' from 'Celinder Custom' and specified thet by Yamaha I referred to a 'TRB'. BUT I so think you can say that, in general, MTD is very modern sounding basses, and I should probably have specified that I referred to a 55-02 Lakland. A passive JO probably has a more vintage kinda vibe. Also when putting Fender at the beginning of the list, I think of the classic, passive P's and J's that represent the vintage vibe many others aim to copy. I know that Fender makes many modern basses as well. :)

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