SOLD Frostwave "The Resonator" Voltage Controlled MS20 Filter

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    Frostwave "The Resonator" voltage controlled MS20 analog clone filter is a very versatile analog filter. It can take any weedy sample, loop, mix or instrument and give it some fat analog tone or some crunchy lo-fi grit. It can create filter sweeps, from subtle to extreme, generate booming sub-bass, and take any standard instrument or signal and give it an "analog" sounding treatment- run a flat drum machine or sound loop via the resonator and you will get big analog drums and samples on the other side. The Resonator can also self oscillate, creating spacey, atmospheric sounds on its own without any input source. Combined with other effects some amazing and unique sounds can be generated.

    Frostwave Resonator with the following features:

    HP Res: controls the resonance of the high-pass filter.
    HP Freq: controls the frequency of the high-pass filter
    Level: controls the output level of the effect.
    Balance: mixes the "dry" signal with the "wet" signal.
    LP Res: controls the resonance of the low-pass filter.
    LP Freq: controls the frequency of the low-pass filter

    Willing to ship within continental US. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

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