SOLD Fs 07 5srt American dlx jazz bass

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  1. For sale only. I'm selling this bass to purchase a wedding band for my beautiful fiancée. It has a black bad ass bridge an Aguilar OB3 preamp and Aguilar 70's pickups. I never intended to sell it so I don't have the original stuff, sorry. With all that being said, this bass plays and sounds awesome with a good B string. It's the montego black color (black with a gold metal flake) and a gold pick guard. I'm asking 850$ shipped. It will be shipped in the original hard shell case. I bought it brand new and it was my main bass for about 4 years so it has some dings but over all it's in great condition. No chips in the paint. Pm me for more info. ImageUploadedByTalkBass1373649238.285546.jpg
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    Definitely wont last long bump.
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    Ill take it
  4. Hit me with a pm. Ill send it today if we can do Paypal.
  5. Bass has been sold, thanks Marc!
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    Dang, I log off for a couple of hours and look what I miss...
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    Somebody just got the deal of a lifetime.
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