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FS: 1940s 3/4 Size Plywood Upright Bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Chebass88, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am selling my double bass. My wife is expecting twins, and every bit of cash is helpful these days. It is an excellent bass for a student or someone new to the double bass.

    Here are all of the details:

    1940s German Plywood Upright, ¾ size

    • Bass was purchased in June 1998 from Bob Riccardi (Pennsauken, NJ). Bass described at time of purchase as being a plywood bass, made in Germany in 1940s, ¾ size. I am unsure of neck type (D or Eb). Angled fingerboard under E string.
    • Adjustable bridge (wheels) and David Gage Realist pickup installed July 1998 by Bob Riccardi
    • Graphite end pin installed December 1998 by Bob Riccardi

    • Overall good condition – no cracks or separations of front/rear and sides
    • Some chipped edges and scratches
    • Setup work likely needed, however, it is playable in current condition.
    • New strings recommended (not supplied with bass)

    • K&M Black tripod style bass stand (Lemur Music item #A1196)
    • Sunrise Brazilwood French Model Double Bass Bow (Lemur Music item # AB175F). NOTE: bow was purchased new in June 1998 from Lemur Music. Part number listed is for bow of similar description – I’m not sure if exactly identical or if changes in product description since 1998. Bow will likely need rehairing.
    • Meisel Swedish bass rosin, partial container
    • Rubber bridge mute (Tourte style round sliding mute for Double Bass, similar to Lemur Music item number A1370)
    • “Black Hole” end pin stop (for use on hardwood floors or linoleum to prevent bass from skidding; Lemur Music item #A1240)
    • Spare G, D, & A strings (type unknown, likely D’Addario Helicore, purchased new in June 1998).
    • Double Bass bow quiver, brown leather, similar to Lemur Music #A1008A (A1008A is for black leather, not brown), Excellent condition
    • David Gage Realist Pickup (description available on www.davidgage.com), currently installed on bass
    • TKL case. Zipper is broken near endpin (see photos). This case is adequate for home storage, however, a new case is recommended for active gigging. A strap was repaired in October 1998 by a luggage repair shop

    • The bass is available for testing, however, an appointment must be set up. Please PM for email address or phone number to set up a convenient time.

    • Asking price is $1600.00 for bass & all accessories or best offer. Negotiation is possible.
    • All accessories listed are included with the bass, and are not for sale individually or separately.
    • Payment via Paypal or cash preferred
    • If payment via personal check, bass will be held until funds clear (7-10 days)
    • Personal delivery up to 3 hours from 08035 zip code available, HOWEVER, bass must be paid for first.
    • Bass will NOT be shipped.
    • Additional photos available upon request (please be specific in requests!)

    Link to album containing photos of this bass here.

    I will post photos of the bass in this thread later.


  2. Full frontal view:

    David Gage Realist pickup & adjustable bridge:

    Leather bow quiver:


  3. What a deal. You get all of the things necessary to begin playing the upright bass at a cost lower than it would cost you to buy everything new. The price is negotiable, and I'm willing to drive it to you.
  4. Any electric players out there wanting to pick up a new toy?
    Any students who need a bass for school in the fall?
    Any Mummers need a bass for marching up Broad Street on New Years Day?
  5. Hey all,

    It is a Labor Day Special. I'm taking 10% off the listed price. As before, it is open to negotiation.

    If you are in the Philadelphia area, it is available for testing it out.

    Entire package is now $1800.00
  6. Here is an "I just ate a great lunch" bump.

    Reduced price: $1750 for the entire package.
  7. Update on price: $1600 for the entire package.

    The bass is available for tests if you are interested - just let me know via PM what is convenient for you.

    Delivery included up to 3 hours from 08035.
  8. SOLD.

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