FS: 1974 fender Jazz Bass

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  1. I REALLY hate to do this but I just moved and it cost a small fortune so I'm desperate for cash...

    so here it is my beloved 1974 Fender Jazz bass, it's all original and in good condition for a 29 year old. Maple board with pearl block inlays, natural finish with a black pickguard. it also includes the ashtray for the neck pickup and a thumbrest (both of these i believe are replacement parts). Currently it's strung with GHS brite Flats for that retro phunk sound... and it includes a beat up fender hardshell case. I'm asking 1750 but will consider any offers you may want to give me. I really need the cash so I'm not really interested in trades but I might consider a trace plus cash ;)

    I LOVE THIS BASS!!! and i know I'll regret this once I'm more financially stable... but I have to pay the bills... so go on make me an offer i can't refuse...
  2. SOLD!!!
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    Damn, I was just going to PM you.