SOLD FS - 1988 Pedulla MVP-5

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Pedulla-Player, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. I just picked this bass up here on TB about a week ago.

    The reason that I am thinking of selling it so soon is because a day after I sent out the check for the bass my fiancee got really sick and had to go to the walk in clinic. They ran a bunch of tests on her and it turned out that she had pneumonia. Between the doctor visit , all the tests , and her prescription the bill came close to $1000.00. Since we aren't married - she isn't covered under my insurance and she is a stay at home mother raising our two children so she has no income. That being said I am the one who pays all of our bills and I need to sell this bass to pay this bill off.

    I dropped the bass off at the music store that works on my basses this past Saturday , but my bass tech had the day off.
    I'm going to have him give the bass a once over and adjust the neck if he thinks it needs it. I am also going to see if he can remove the drop tuner that someone had put on the bass a while back. I will include the drop tuner if you want it - I personally see no need for a drop tuner on a "B" string.

    The bass does have a few dings as would be expected for a bass of this age and a little spot of finish is worn off of the middle of the back. This bass is definitely a beauty and plays and sounds fantastic - Truly a Vintage Pedulla!

    I paid $1300.00 for this bass a week ago.
    I am asking $1100.00 shipped CONUS.
    Payment methods = Paypal (Prefered) or Bank Check.
  2. Here is a photo of the Pedulla MVP-5. :bassist:

  3. Wow - This must be a record of some kind! At least for me it is.

    Sold! Pending Payment.
  4. Sold! Payment received via Paypal. Thanks arszon!
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