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SOLD FS-1990 Rickenbacker 4003-1375$ Shipped-PIC HEAVY

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by A-Step-Towards, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. To start off I am not looking for any trades on this, i perfer the neck on my newer 4003 and i seriously cant keep both.

    This was made in april of 1990 according to rickenbacker. I got this from the most badass chick I ever met and was in her 50s and moving out of the country. She reminded me of kim gordon alot. She told me she slept with this bass in her car many nights and this was her baby. It had alot of road time and shows its miles gracefully , Look at her , she has been used but not abused. For nearly 22 years old Its not to shabby.

    The original case logged so many miles it fell apart and was replaced with a vintage reissue ric case that never saw the road or any gigs so its in pretty good shape, keep in mind these are almost 300$ alone.

    The ric is a nice piece of maple. The front is rpetty clean overall, the headstock has some light dings I tried to capture, the back of the neck is pretty clean, no pitting on the chrome.

    The back of the bass is worn a bit , there is some badass light finish checking I picked up and some belt dings she admitted to putting in it with her studded belt.

    The inlays were not glued in the prettiest at the factory but it works you can just see glue around it a bit , the fretboard is pretty and the frets are in great shape as it almost always wore flats. One inlay or maybe 2 have some small cracks in them.

    The bridge she told me over the phone had some normal lifting , and it does and i think the GHS flats on it caused it to lift a little more , i can fit a modern US nickel under the E side.She said it hasnt lifted since it was a few years old , i planned on fixing this but honestly I figured it was the nature of the beast with ric and left it , it plays fine.

    Well there you go , a real road dog that was loved and kept in decent shape and at a pretty nice price.

    1375$ shipped CONUS, insurance provided, tracking provided-Paid in a fee free method.








    This is above the clear it should come off , feels like wax ( i got it off)








    To the right of my thumb , staining
















  2. seventhsunbass

    seventhsunbass Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2010
    Do you have any pics of the bass?? :scowl: sorry......
    Free 'good looking bass' bump
  3. haha:) Thanks man , with something high priced and contains wear I like to show all, to many times have i got a bass in more beat condition then pictured and was bummed out about it. I want the new owner happy with her.

    If anyone needs outdoor/natural light photos please speak up
  4. I cleaned the bass alot today and the black marks you see onthe top body edge came off and those little brown marks on the back , the brown dots , i was able to get off along with alot of other little marks here and there. It will clean up even more then that if you want it to.
  5. fu22ba55

    fu22ba55 Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    Neck profile?

    I hate to ask since it's so subjective:

    I've played '70's 4001s and played a couple of really recent 4003s...

    I assume chunkier than a 4001, but is it the uber-chunk "U" profile? edges rolled at all? comfy? ouchy?

    Do you have a front-to-back measurement at the first fret?
  6. notejung

    notejung Supporting Member

    come with PU cover??
  7. The neck on this is pretty thin using my modern 2011 4003 as an example i believe the nut width is the same , 1 5/8's but front to back its alot thinner, saddly i dont have a caliper to measure accurately the thickness , its not huge at all 9 out of 10 people would perfer this neck over my newer ric but i LOVE chunky necks , this one is pretty thin.

    The pickup cover is gone, when i got the bass it was gone

    BTW locals will get a fantastic deal , feel free to come play it
  8. tttt
  9. Guys I need to state no trades please , i haev gotten alot of trade offers.

    I am doing a temporary price drop of 1275$ shipped , to hopefully move it by xmas , if its still here the day after I may keep it or raise the price.

    The 1275$ is firm and it needs to be paid fee free and its temporary as of now.

    Locals get a even better deal , this is LOW for a ric , especially mapleglo and a upgraded case, BTW this neck is alot thinner front to back then the new ones
  10. nice price and bass!! have a luck to sell!!
  11. thanks man!

    I am suprised in the lack of interest , a local is driving here now and i am asking 1200$ firm from him since i dont have to ship
  12. guy gave me 1200$ cash , its gone

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