FS: 2 - Acme Low B-1 Series II cabs

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  1. klorence


    Nov 21, 2001
    Pittsburgh, PA
    2 - Acme Low B-1 Series II w/padded Tuki covers

    You have probably heard & read about them; if not,
    check www.acmebass.com for specs. The Low B-1's
    got a great review not too long ago in Bassplayer
    magazine (just like the B-2 did). They sound awesome
    and are among the lightest speakes out there. No more
    broken backs. Two of these makes for a very versatile
    rig for many gig situations.

    I paid $360 + $69 (for padded Tuki cover) = $429 each
    about a year ago.

    I'd like to get $350 each, and that would INCLUDE the PADDED TUKI COVERS and SHIPPING (to the lower 48 only)!!! A great deal if you think about it.

    These speakers are in mint condition - See actual pics

    I prefer to sell them as a pair, but may split them up.

    I prefer PayPal, can also do money order/cashiers
    checks only.

    Thanks for reading!
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