FS- 2 AXTRA (USA) Necks 24 frets Fretted/Fretless

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  1. Squinty Jones

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    Feb 1, 2004
    Two necks made by the USA company, Axtra Guitars in Kenosha, WI. Super nice necks made with seasoned, selected maple...

    Both necks for $120.00 shipped in the USA...

    [DEL]On Hold Pending a Combo Deal!![/DEL]


    Description from original purchase listing...

    "AXTRA GUITAR PRODUCTS - 5 String Fretless Bass Neck
    ・ A good one for the guy that has assembly experience.
    ・ An older design of ours from the 90's
    ・ The early 5 strings were 34" scale with 24 frets, then we went to a different design and a 35" scale.
    ・ This one is maple with a BUBINGA fret board and BUBINGA center stripe.
    ・ Neck was originally on a full bass, but the body was sold separately.

    No visible wear on it.
    2 & 5/8" heel
    ・ 1 & 13/16 nut"



    "AXTRA GUITAR PRODUCTS - 5 String Bass Neck

    Was on a body and set-up at one time
    Cocobolo Fret board
    24 frets - Dunlop 6100 frets
    34" scale
    Again, this is one good for the guy (or gal) that knows assembly or has a good tech.
    Frets are leveled and crowned
    ・ Brass nut
    For Gotoh tuners
    2 & 5/8 at the heel
    ・ 1 & 13/16 at the nut"



    Edit: Although the necks are available as a pair, an interested Tb'er has expressed interest in the fretless neck... If someone is interested in the fretted neck alone, PM me... Meanwhile, both are available...

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