SOLD FS: 2 Stewart World 1.2 amps

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  1. BOTH SOLD!!!

    I have 2 Stewart World 1.2 amps for sale. They were barely used for a part time dj setup, and in "like new" condition. I bought these to build a very portable bass rig. I was planning to run them at 1200W 4ohm bridged into 2 separte cabs and separate effects and 2 preamps, to obtain a very original sound, but I decided to go another direction. They did, however, sound great with my Sansamp RBI I just bought from a TBer! I also have larger, more detailed, pics onhand. Oh yeah, I'm selling them at $425 + shipping, for each one. thanks...dominic
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    Still have that stewart amp?
  4. I just sold the amp with the blue highlights. The other one is still up for sale! ;)

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