SOLD FS 2002 MIM Fender Precision Special Deluxe $425 shipped.

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  1. FS 2002 MIM Precision Special Deluxe *SOLD LOCALLY*

    This the old version. This one features:

    J neck with rosewood fretboard.
    P body, sunburst with gold anodized aluminum pickguard (not plastic like the new P Deluxes).
    Passive, VVT
    Lindy Fralin P pickup
    Lindy Fralin J pickup, split coil, +5%
    Gotoh 201 bridge
    Currently strung with DAddario XL’s 45-105.
    Dual function straplocks, not sure what kind. They came on the bass when I bought it. I’ve never used them.
    Padded Fender gig bag.
    I will include all the stock parts (bridge, pickups, knobs, strap buttons).
    In very good condition. Neck is straight, action is medium low, no nicks, scratches, dents or dings that I can find.

    $425 shipped FedEx ground, insured, signature required on delivery.
    Paypal okay. CONUS, lower 48 only.
    Located in Tampa, FL, USA.

    This bass has seen very little action since I bought it a few months ago. After I had the bridge and pickups replaced professionally, I used it for 1 recording. I’m selling it to fund another bass purchase I recently made.

    Only trades I’d consider are for heads…GK700RBII, GK800RB, LMII, etc…

    I'll try to answer any questions the best I can.

    I'm a solid TBer and have bought and sold gear here without any complaints or issues. :)

    Pics from original Ebay listing I bought it from:
  2. Bumpdunkadunk!
  3. Damn, that's nice. I want one of these passive Special Deluxe models, but I'm in a "I really don't need another bass" mode.
    Bump for someone else to buy this so I don't have to look at it anymore.
  4. Easy like Sunday morning bump.
  5. Were the pix taken before you swapped the bridge?
  6. Sorry..just saw this. Yes. The pics are before I had the Gotoh and the Fralins installed.

    I'll try to take pics of what it looks like now and post them in the album.

    The Gotoh looks very much like the bridge on the 2008 MIA Fenders. I used the saddles from the original bridge because the Gotoh saddles are large compared to any stock Fender. So basically, it has a Gotoh 201 bridge with Fender stock saddles. I have the largish Gotoh saddles too.
  7. Updated with pics of Gotoh bridge.
  8. Bump, added location.
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