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FS 2004 MIM Jazz neck, excellent condition, plus gig bag

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by bassman_al, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    I am selling a MIM Jazz neck, model year 2004. It is in superb condition and plays wonderfully. Here is a link to a boatload of photos I just took, indoors, some with flash some without.

    As far as playability, I was able to lower the action to Fender specs no problem, and there are no high frets. No buzzing at all.

    Why I am selling: I am only selling because I have been on a quest to get a fretless neck. This quest has included many stops, including a beautiful fretless MIM Bass of Doom Jr. that was in my hands but was damaged by UPS in shipping and ultimately rightfully returned to it's previous owner after I was issued a refund by that seller. Thanks Matt! By the way, if any of you are interested in a really nice fretless J-neck, MIM, Matt is going to be selling his from that Bass of Doom. The neck was not part of the damage in that mishap, and that neck plays wonderfully!

    After that first fretless eluded me, I looked around a lot and managed to find a fretless neck that is being held for me now, until I sell my neck. But I need to sell my fretted neck in order for that deal to be feasible. So either I will sell it here for the price I have listed or something very close to it, or I'll just go ahead and keep it and wait for another day to get that elusive fretless neck. The market value of my neck will determine if this current fretless deal happens or not...

    The neck for sale here is in excellent cosmetic shape with only small nicks. There are a few small marks in the headstock, and one slightly larger chip in that area. You can see them in the photo album. There is one small ding on the back of the neck which I also marked in the photo album.

    I will record my gig with this bass on Friday night, and post some clips so you can hear the neck in action.

    My selling price is[DEL] $175[/DEL] $125 plus actual shipping to lower 48 only. I will ship it in a brand new Kases gig bag for protection, and I'll box it up real nice and tight. So you will get the neck, tuners, string tree, the brand new Kases gig bag and a brand new extra black TUSQ nut that is slotted and fitted for a Jazz bass. If you use that nut, you will need to file it down some to get the action to Fender specs.

    I filed down the current nut which has helped the neck play even smoother.

    Feel free to make me an offer, but please no more low-ball PM's. I'm not going to ship it to CA for $75, for instance. And no trades since I need the cash to get that fretless neck.

    Thanks for looking!
    Copy of MIM pic.jpg
  2. Bump for pics posted to an album, link in the original post.
  3. bump for $50 price drop.
  4. Bump for some additional info in the opening post.
  5. No trades, please and thank you.
  6. And sold for $150 shipped DC to Cincy. Thanks Jeff (Gnobility)! Enjoy that neck, its is a sweet one!
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