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SOLD FS: 3 Month Old Gibson EB4 ONLY $625!!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by phishaholik, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. I have a black 2013 Gibson EB4 that I bought at the end of December. I absolutely love this bass and it's very versatile for being a passive bass. The pickups are nice and thick and both pickups have coil taps for a jazzlike tone. I personally like the bass with the neck in single coil and the bridge in humbucker mode. Just wonderful pick tone no matter how you run it. The transition line between the black and natural on the back of the neck heal is a little off, but overall build quality is very, very good. This is a genuine high end bass/

    It's barely been used and it's in better than new shape because it's had a full set-up with new Fodera Nickels! The bass came from the factory without a set-up, so I took my time and lowered the action and pickups a ton. Everything is great now and it plays and sound terrific. Playability on these is wonderful. It's a touch under 8 pounds and has close to PERFECT balance whilst seated. Most light weight basses have crazy neck dive.

    I love the neck on this bass. It has a nice satin nitro finish and the neck is quarter sawn. I have never seen a US bass with a quarter sawn neck for even close to this price. Another added bonus is the neck is subtly flamed all the way up. Just beautiful over all.

    It's in like new condition except for a small ding on the upper horn that I'm pretty sure was there from the factory and there is an ultra-fine scratch on the headstock from a sharp string end. You have to hold the bass at an angle to see it.

    Price: $625 plus shipping in the original case and original box. Amazing price for a US made bass with a set, quarter sawn, flamed maple neck!

    I'll post pics asap.


  2. I've had a bunch of requests for pictures. I'll post some as soon as I get home tonight from work. Here is a couple stock pics until then. Mine looks exactly like this one.



  3. Actual pics!




  4. SOLD

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