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SOLD FS: 78/79 Fender Precision; natural/rosewood, "A" neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Spiritfield, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Spiritfield

    Spiritfield Supporting Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    This is a great player's bass. Seems to be an early '79. The body has all the 78 features (routes etc.) and the neck has the heel stamp indicating a '79. Body and neck are original to each other. Stickers and stamps intact on neck and in body cavities.

    Naturally relic'd, plays great, sounds great, dripping with .....wait for it....... mojo! Currently strung with TI Jazz Flats. The finish is natural that has ambered out beautifully. Weight is a easy-on-the-shoulder 9lbs. Rosewood fretboard, neck is the "A" width (1.5"). Duncan pickup. Original pickguard, bridge, knobs, string tree, neckplate, neckplate gasket, strap buttons, tuners may have been replaced at some point but they are the correct type Fender tuners. Comes in non-original Tolex hardcase.

    Cavities and back of pickguard have been shielded with copper foil.

    $1275 shipped **SOLD**

    edit to ad: oops! forgot to mention the back of the neck has some nice, light birdseye to it. :)


    22 pics here: http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l137/DKWilkins2006/79 Fender P/
  2. emblymouse

    emblymouse exempt Supporting Member

    Jan 22, 2006
    Now that's funky! My hunch is this bass played a lot of Allmans style jams, how else could you wear off the finish on the back of the neck UP AT THE OCTAVE!

    Speaking of that neck, is an 'A' neck the same as a Jazz or is it still chunkier but narrow?
  3. Spiritfield

    Spiritfield Supporting Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    yeah, the A necks are jazz-like in width. I pulled it out to play a bit when I posted the ad and this thing is sweet. Absolutely sweet. Somebody swoop in before I change my mind! :bassist:
  4. DEbassist


    Jul 7, 2006
    St. Louis
    I'm glad it as has "A" neck. It would really suck without one. :)

    Help me out Smitty!
  5. This bass makes me want to do something rash!!!!!
  6. Tell me about it. It's killin' me.
  7. Wow, this bass makes me HATE being broke.
  8. Funkster

    Funkster Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    Oh man I want this P in a bad way! A-Neck!!! Timing is everything and I have none!
  9. Jeffrey A-Bomb

    Jeffrey A-Bomb Drink Coffee & Destroy Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2000
    Silver Spring, MD
    I have my radar set on this :ninja: Free bump in the meantime.
  10. 73jbass

    73jbass Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2004
    Same here.I was thinking about one of these about a week ago.

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