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    I have had a family emergency come up and I need to raise some cash quick. The majority of the basses that I will be listing are instruments that I have collected over the years, some may not be all that collectible, but some of these mean a lot to me.

    I will be listing several instruments and when I raise the funds I need I will close the thread(s).

    I will be pricing everything at what I feel would be a fair price (all prices include shipping to continental U.S.), but I am open to offers. please understand that I may be in need of cash, but I am not totally desperate; as a builder (at least in my case) it is feast or famine... I am waiting on a couple of payments from clients, if those show up; I will be closing this thread. Unfortunately, I can't count on that happening, so a man has to do what a man has to do. Family comes first.

    I am posting one picture of each right now. I will be glad to post more per requests or I can email you pics of which instrument you are interested in (I am in process of taking updated pictures now).

    First up is a 1978 Fender Jazz Bass:

    My theory on this one is it was bought new, then almost immediately modded; the changes to it are right out of the early 80's; Blue bass boat glitter on the body with a Gold b.b.g. (clear with glitter applied to the underside) pickguard (without a doubt it is a professionally applied finish; for the longest time, I believed that this was a Fender Artist endorsement deal of some kind... I still feel that may be a possibility, I just have never been able to prove it.), Dimarzio split coil pickups and to top it off, a Badass I bridge sunk into the body. The neck is not original, I can't remember if it has a manufacturer's mark on it (I don't think it does, if it does, it is a Warmoth). It is in excellent condition; truss rod works, neck is straight, frets in good condition. It has never been on another bass (I'm guessing... The only neck screws holes are the three bolt pattern for this body).

    The original parts consist of: Body (sans paint & bridge route), controls (including plate & knobs), tuners/ferrules/string tree & strap buttons and the neck plate & neck screws. I'm guessing that all of the screws are original too. It will ship in a hardshell case (I have some used Fender & no name brands, as well as a couple new ones). One other thing; it is heavy. I will get a weight posted soon.

    The bass plays and sounds great; very aggressive tone with the Dimarzios. Just use a wide strap!

    I am asking $1000 for the Jazz (shipped to continental United States).
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