FS: A bunch of pedal parts (vintage metal can transistors, diodes, switches, etc)

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  1. I have this stuff in another thread but I'm starting this one to give these parts some exposure and hopefully find them a good home...

    We'll call this the Fuzz-Builder's Lot! Some pedal parts and miscellaneous stuff coupled with a ton of old-school metal can Motorola transistors! I sold a bunch of these transistors here on TalkBass a while back and came across the rest of my stash... and to make things easy I'm just going to do this as a single lot.

    (28) Motorola 2N2222A metal can transistors
    (40) Motorola 2N2907A metal can transistors
    (12) Motorola 2N4234 metal can transistors
    (6) LM317T voltage regulators
    (10) 1N5408 diodes
    (6) Sprague TE-1309 100uF 50v capacitors
    (1) Sprague TE-1307 50uF 50v capacitor
    (1) 'Super Pup' 1mF 400v capacitor
    (2) 1ohm 10W resistors
    (3) 3PDT (latching) switches
    (2) 3PDT momentary switches
    (2) 1/4" mono jacks
    (1) 1/4" stereo jack (not pictured)
    (1) red/green bi-color LED
    (1) 9v battery holder
    (1) 9v adapter jack (not pictured)
    (1) 12v(?) bulb in green housing
    (2) little momentary switches

    I apologize for the terrible iPad picture below. The stuff is all bagged up now but I may take and upload a better picture...


    SOLD to ckuhn...
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  5. ckuhn


    Jun 16, 2006
    Hi, can you ship to Brazil?
  6. Hello, sorry I didn't see your post until now! Unfortunately, I can't ship this stuff to Brazil due to their crazy customs and 60% import fees on electronics like this. I know we'll have a problem somehow with the package getting to you affordably, or getting there at all!

  7. ckuhn


    Jun 16, 2006

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