FS: A couple old Morley Pedals

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  1. I've got a couple of the older, heavy duty Morley pedals that I haven't been getting much use out of lately.

    One is an ABY switch box. Definatly not one of your standard, cheap plastic switch boxes. This thing is heavy and built like a tank. You can have two inputs going to one output or one input going to two outputs, and switch around the routing with the two stomp switches. On does A or B and the other does A and B. Battery powered (One 9V) or you can plug in a power supply, which I don't have and don't know the specifics on what kind you would need.


    And the other is a Morley "Pro Panner" pedal. It can act in two different ways. With the stompswitch off, it's just like a volume pedal, feeding the signal to one or both outputs, and with the stompswitch on, the pedal will pan the volumes between the two outputs. So you can plug the two outputs into two different amps for example and then pan your signal from one to the other or just use it as a volume pedal to play through both.




    Let's say $20 for the ABY {SOLD}
    $30 for the Pro Panner {SOLD}

    Cheers :bassist:
  2. C-5KO


    Mar 9, 2005
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    <brain justifying to itself why I need both pedals>

    I'm interested in the ABY. Excuse my ignorance, but why would a splitter need to be battery powered? except for the leds? Will the pedal work without battery power, and does it look like a standard 9V adaptor will plug into it?

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    you got a pm
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    May 4, 2005
    pm sent
  5. Boy, you guys are quick :smug:

    Looks like the ABY is Sold - Thanks Kori!!!
  6. ...And the Pro Panner is pending sale :)